Adventures in traveling…
I’m finally here. As of 1.30A this morning, I’ve been here. I was molested by an ugly McD’s reject at the metal detectors. I forgot my second skin in my bag. Whoops! And her and her cohort decided to make a scene about it. I told them to take it and get out of my sight. I don’t think they liked that. Then again, I really didn’t like the fact she was trying to take my bag to where I couldn’t see it. Something about keeping your bags on you at all times…

At any rate, once I made it through that mess, and Attila the TSA agent told me I could leave, I made the mad dash for my gate. Shortly after I snagged my dinner and arrived, they started boarding. Only to find out there wasn’t a plane to board. Apparently, only 2 of the toilets worked and that was enough for them to can that plane to the repair shop. Then everyone sees that the gate has changed, which sends the gate people scurrying about trying to figure out if there is an actual gate change or not. Oh look! The screen was right, the employees were wrong.

Now, while this is happening, some drunk military boy (yes, I can tell who they are, even in civvies) decides to start humiliating his wife in front of everyone. Because, apparently, it’s her fault the plane is now 30 minutes late for departure. And we all know how Lara feels about spousal abuse….but thankfully airport security came and snagged him away, and someone pulled his wife to the side in the event they let him go. So, no broken knee-caps from me, and the 5 other military guys (and one marine *drool*).

So we all take a short hike down the terminal to the new gate and sit there for another 30 minutes (fresh plane, and the people who do the initial security check of the plane were laaaaaaaaaaate). FINALLY! We are on the plane. But, OH LOOK! WE’RE NOT PULLING BACK FROM THE GATE! Guess who we had to wait for on the plane? Yep, brain-child “let me humiliate my wife because I’m an idiot” man. Apparently, he’s not that bright. He started going off on the woman near him, and the female flight attendant. Guess who got kicked off of the airplane.

I guess I’m cursed. As we all know, for the most part, I attract stupid guys to my vicinity (yes, there are some smart ones, and I thank you few from the bottom of my heart for providing me with endless hope that I am wrong).

But anyway, I am here, I am awake, and I am going in search of a skateboard today…Well, after I finish my coffee and breakfast. Anyone want to help me break something when I get home? *evil grin*

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