Ok, I just have to comment on this stuff. This is my myspace horoscope for today:
Although you might seek romantic involvement, your need for self-determination is quite strong now. You cannot let others steer your car, even if you want them to drive it. No matter what kind of logic you apply to your current dilemma, you still may not be able to figure out the best course of action because of your internal conflict over the situation. Go ahead and do what feels right, but don’t focus on the long-term goals just yet.
I find it highly interesting, especially when coupled with what my Tarot card is:
Temperance – May you find transformation. Deck: Old English.

Normally, this stuff really is just a distraction, or some potential advice to be filed away for use at some later date when it actually is applicable. But given the recent headspace I’ve been in, this one actually came as a surprise in being fairly dead on for the current times. I know what feels right, right now, and I’m definitely following it, because I feel more growth will come to me as an individual for doing so. And that is the basis of my choices in pursuing my life. I want to grow, I want to see where my potential can take me and see what I can reach with it. I’ve been fairly stagnant for the last 4 years or so, but have been lucky enough in the recent years to come into contact with people who stoke my inner fires and remind me of what I originally wanted to do with my life. In this last year, I’ve had the benefit of the Morrigan stepping in and throwing stuff at me to get me to go in the direction I need to go. I have been extremely greatful to her for that. She’s made sure that the people who need to be in my life have entered, and I’m greatful that I was able to be conscious enough to recognize them and bring them in. This upcoming stage is going to be a slightly difficult one, but I’m proud to say that it will be weathered and things will be the best as a result. But in conjunction with the Tarot card, the transformation that I’ve been going through in this last year, is obviously not over. I have transitioned to where I need to be to complete the process. I guess that might be why I absolutely fell in love with Jean Grey’s character in X-men 2. It’s about being able to destruct, and rebuild with what needs to be there, vs what is wanted.

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