Month: September 2005

So, I’m crushing. I’m such a fangirl sometimes. Too bad it’s not for the usual reasons. In other news, my trip to Borders yesterday lent me to find the Roy Orbison CD that I lost so many years ago. So that’s currently my soundtrack in my car. My disconnect with myself was resolved yesterday when I got my hands on a client, I’ve decided that I need to do more bodywork, so I’m scheduling myself in as on-call for the next month or so, Zoomie-time excluded. Last night, I forked out for my trip to Vegas and found that I somehow landed in more drama. Thankfully, that has been limited and I can only hope that my Bitch is able to get some rest in the coming weeks and not get terribly stressed out over everything. I got more neice pics this past week, so I’ll be posting the pic I have of her and I watching a movie. I miss that child.

I wish Prog wasn’t over so quickly. Though, the good part, is that I will get to see some of my new friends next year, and I hope to see some of the ones that came over for the first time, again.

Scorpio for this week:
FreeWill Astrology

In a series of articles about the Burning Man festival a few weeks ago, the San Francisco Chronicle included brief profiles of selected revelers. One woman named Mai testified that she planned to do things differently in this, her third visit to the annual week-long party in the Nevada desert. “I’m gonna try to remember more this time,” she promised. That would be an excellent approach for you to use in the coming days, Scorpio. The adventures will be arriving in fast and furious abundance, and though it may be a challenge for you to recall every single one of their many valuable teachings, you should try to do just that.

They’re already arriving fast and furious. This weekend had several memories I plan to keep. Gotta write those down in my book.

I hate the AF. But what’s new? The good thing, is that I am upright and awake, and for the most part feeling pretty decent. Won’t be able to hit the gym again until the headache goes away, but it’s all good. I can do some yoga in the meantime. This morning was quite nice, I popped my Varekai cd in the Catbox and went to town, I was completely zoned by the time I got to my meeting and was thrilled to hear about the new stuff I’m going to be doing. Right now, I’m just trying to get the schedule set, still haven’t heard from the DQB on whether or not he put out the prelim schedules in the paychecks. I was paid on-time this week, WOOT! The cool thing, I bought my tickets to Italy Sunday night around 9P, they arrived yesterday morning at 9A, how awesome is that? 😀 Now, to just snag my tickets to Vegas and I’ll be good to go.

Again, I’ve been neglecting my spirituality. This past month has been a whirlwind and I’ve had little downtime that wasn’t taken up in expanding and breathing and unwinding. The last real interaction I had was the shaving ritual prior to coming home for Prog. Friday night was good, with all the drumming, but I really need to just move in places other than just my head. I missed the healing rites this month, I think that’s what’s doing it, so I’ll probably schedule some ritual time in tomorrow for some meditation or communion. With the season change, I really need to recognize it and do the prep-work for the upcoming seasons. Yeah, I’m a slacker, I suck.


Spent most of the day hunting down Orphaned Land for their soundcheck, complications came up because apparently the hotel had all their computers down, and the front desk guy had issues in finding which rooms they were in. Thankfully, the woman I spoke to when I arrived knew who I was talking about and let me know that they had already left. So in the meantime, I run to snag DC (very cool guy to talk to btw, despite his original skepticism with the studio musicians), got him to and from his soundcheck, then off to snag food. Finally get a call from Orphaned Land after that and run to snag them. I swear, the car became a sardine can. 🙂 It was great to meet them though, they did everything they could to make things easy. Spent the rest of the evening hanging out at the Loft, watching the soundchecks and taking a nap in the backroom. The pre-party was great, all the bands had great sets, and I’m disappointed that I could not get decent pictures of anyone. I couldn’t figure out how to change the speed on my camera, so everything came out blurry. Oh well, can’t bring it next year anyway. 😀 Spent most of my time back in the back with my bodyguards, Avi, and Norm. Got to harass Zilla for a good bit and meet Kyle and his brother. Afterwards, off to the pre-party after party.

Up at the ass crack of dawn to snag Manticora, drop them off at the venue, then off to pick up Circus Maximus, followed by Orphaned Land. After I dropped them off, I headed back to my hotel to take a shower and grab my clothes for the evening. Changed pants and headed back to the venue. Hung with the crew for a while before heading out to take Orphaned Land back to their hotel. Back to the venue to put on the warpaint and get myself into my bodice. Hung out on the floor some more, checked the vendors, then back to snag Orphaned Land. Got them back, and prepped for their set. Theirs was the only full set that I managed to catch. I saw 2 songs from Manticora and I really, really wished I could have seen more. Caught one of Circus Maximus’ set *pout* and completely missed Conception. Spent all of Angra’s set hanging with Eden (very cool guy btw), we watched maybe 3 songs then headed out for a quieter area. Around 2, I get a call back to the venue to grab Angra’s stuff. I do not like these guys anymore. I really enjoyed their song with all the drumming, but they are prima donnas and they left their manager to take an hour to load up my van, instead of helping come under the 5 min time limit I set (I was off the clock for this). In fact, they put some heavy stuff in my car – that I couldn’t move – so I was stuck there. Finally got into bed around 4.

Started at 8A so I could pick up Symphorce and Pink Cream for their soundchecks. Once I had those guys at the venue, I headed up to the VIP room for an hour’s nap before taking Pink Cream back to their room, then back to my hotel room to check the email and get ready for the night. Back out to snag Stride, drop them at the venue, then Symphorce (which caused me to miss Stride’s reissue of a Rush song), then back for Pink Cream. The best part of the night was watching all of Symphorce’s set from the press area, Glenn gets much thanks for allowing me to stay for the entire set. Watched Pink Cream from backstage and spent most of the set trading funny faces with Uwe. Didn’t do much running back and forth that night, except with Symphorce and taking them to snag cigs. Was invited to go swimming with them, unfortunately I left my suit in my room. 😦

Discussing personal defense with Orphaned Land’s mgr..
Towel fight with Shane in Stride’s ready room (I still have the welt on my leg).
Making Lars my bitch for 5 minutes.
Back ‘n forth with Avi.
Making the car silent by letting Pink Cream know I spoke German.
Glenn letting me watch Symphorce from the front row.
Getting a chance to talk with Eden.
Hearing Manticora imitate Michael Bolton.
Watch the official ProgPower groupies try to attach to Manticora.
Making faces at Klaus behind one of the guys who cornered him and making him laugh for no reason.
The Corset picture!!!! Though, I’m irritated with whoever decided to lean in during the Glenn pic, that was my bad shoulder that went down.
Meeting Norm!

I will post my run-down of Prog tomorrow, when I’m up and about. But I’d just like to say it was wonderful being part of crew again this year. Those guys rock my socks, and I still have a welt on my leg from my towel fight with Shane.

So far, so good. The concert is going well, spent the last couple of days hanging with the guys from Orphaned Land, really great group and their music rocks. They’re also the only band here who can talk about me in my presence and I have no clue what they’re saying. Unfortunately, they know that. The rest of the bands have figured out I know what they’re saying, though, they still say it anyway. I’m having fun and meeting people that I’ve missed in the last 3 years, but it’s awesome to put names to faces and meeting the new folks. I haven’t taken many pictures, but I’ll definitely link to galleries by others. I’m running on little sleep right now, but thankfully the couches are very comfy, and the bass lines during sound checks make them reverberate quite nicely and rock you to sleep.

Now, off to shower and prep for the evening.

Scorpio for this week:
FreeWill Astrology

Sometime in the coming weeks you could begin a project that will take at least 12 years to complete. Will it be worth spending that much time? I believe it will, though you might not think so now. In fact, you may not even be inclined to launch the project if you imagine it can’t be completed by 2008. From what I can tell, though, the purpose of the long adventure is bigger than you’re able to foresee, and the ways it will change you are important in ways you cannot yet understand.

Hrm. No idea on this one.