Month: October 2005

Wow, um, just noticed I haven’t posted anything for a couple of days….oops.

Anyway, here’s the low down….

Boy toy (that’s the new name) still wants to fight. He’s lost on the concept of fighter respect, but hey, should be expected for someone who’s a dumbass in the realm of actually fighting.

Thursday, my Zoomie gets back and I head out to Vegas to meet up with my Bitch and terrorize the town (but I won’t get there till around 11PM – so Zoomie, you’d better email me!). Oh yeah, it’s my hatch day too.

Friday- scare people

Saturday- watch some kick ass guys kick some ass. Scare some more people

Sunday- sleep in, scare people and fly home.

that’s the weekend, so far. I miss my Zoomie, and my apologies to all I was supposed to see, and all the plans that were ditched. My Scotsman and I needed geek time, as my schedule is currently batty, so is his.

Now, off for ritual preparation….

Oh, I have to post this, as some of my milreaders will love it….

So, last night, driving up to the Neil Diamond concert, WT and I see the protesters that my Scotsman told us about. They had cardboard boxes lined up with internment flags on them. The two of us have decided, with the assistance of my Scotsman (who will inform us when they line up cardboard boxes again with internment flags), we are going to show up with our white gloves, our Marine clothing (not uniforms) on, and will perform a flag folding ceremony. When we hand each flag to the person “mourning” the death of a soldier, the words will be, “This is not a table cloth, please treat it with respect.” For you milboys, feel free to let me know if you’re in the area, and we’ll count you in. There were about 4 set-ups, so if we could all march up in formation and do it at the same time, it would be awesome.

P.S.- yes, I’m sad, I know how to properly perform a military flag folding ceremony, and I can even robot march to do it.

Scorpio for this week:
FreeWill Astrology

I was sitting in the dingy restaurant of a bus station in Washington, D.C. A burned-out speed freak at the next table looked at me with a lunatic smile and said, “I’m King of the Universe. I don’t know what the hell I’m doing in a place like this.” The dude was obviously not a Scorpio, because you Scorpios rarely suffer from delusions about your own excellence. You may imagine you’re worse than you really are, but not the reverse. According to my reading of the astrological omens, then, your growing confidence in your own capacities is almost certainly based on objective truth. Halloween costume suggestion: King or Queen of the Universe.

Hrm, guess the King and I ended up in the same city finally. 😀

So this is my amusement this week (besides all the anorexic chicks last night):

There’s this thread on a fighter forum I visit, about women fighters. As usual, there are the guys who don’t want to see chicks fight, which is fine, don’t watch, we won’t mind. But one local guy offered a call out to any chick in GA who’d be up for fighting him. Because I love the sport, and I’ve been wanting more sparring time, I took him up on it. Why the hell not, I’ll have fun regardless the outcome. So anyway, between last night and this morning, he chalked my acceptance up to being drunk (uh yeah, that whole allergy thing prevents that), the email, that I would have kept quiet had he not insinuated I was drunk – where he said he knew I didn’t want to fight, but he’d let me take him out to dinner if I really wanted to do a reverse gender role thing with a guy – and the claim that he was offering to help me save face. Yeah, save face from what I don’t know. Now all the anti-woman fighter people are showing back up, claiming that I have something to prove (and him as well), despite the fact I’ve said I’ll have no problem saying I lost with a smile. Why do people assume that because a woman does something, it’s because there’s something to prove? Seriously? I played soccer on an all guy’s soccer team because I grew up in a farm town and they didn’t have a women’s league. I played collegiate hockey on a guy’s team, because there wasn’t a woman’s team. Had nothing to do with proving anything, had everything to do with want to play that sport. It’s about the same with fighting. There aren’t a lot of women’s fights, because there aren’t a lot of women, when we train, we train with guys because it’ll be rare to have another girl in the gym, and you can’t constantly train with the same person expecting to learn more than what that person is capable of. It’s funny, too, you can tell which women train only with women, when they fight, and which ones don’t.

At any rate, this guy expects to embarrass me, with what I don’t know. Regardless, I’ll walk away happy with new battle wounds, and a new experience. Guess that’s a little too deep to appreciate for some guys.

In about an hour I start layering on the war paint. For those of you I haven’t talked to, tonight I have a model call for Maxim. I’m nervous as hell, as I’ve never been on a model call. It’s always been the photog contacting me and going from there. I’m acting calm, but my insides would say otherwise. On top of that, I’m still dealing with work crap because they’ve decided to be more twigs on my back. Gotta love the service industry. I want an assistant, as my boss can’t watch my back.

So, why am I jumpy….

Things I have on slate:
Monday- Gym, take care of car tags, find buckles for my Mary Janes, get wardrobe pics for poisongirl, give myself a facial, host show chat

Tuesday- Meeting, Promo night/Maxim model call (if the guy gets back to me)

Wednesday- (Interviews?), Gym, or do anything I haven’t gotten around to yet, get new pads put on the heels of my bitch heels, see Neil Diamond live with WT

Thursday- house clearing ritual, Photoshoot with GothicBettie

Friday- me clearing ritual, Gym

Saturday- House chores

Sunday- House chores

Monday- Gym, Ritual

Tuesday- freak out, Promo night

Wednesday- freak out again, Gym, and get on plane to Vegas

Scorpio for this week:
FreeWill Astrology

I used to have a Scorpio friend who liked to spout the ecstatic mystic poetry of Rumi. (Sometimes he added his own rapturous improvisations, and so I was never sure where Rumi left off and his words began.) Since you’re currently in a phase when the potential for euphoric release and delirious catharsis are high, I’ve selected five of these quotes that are in alignment with your astrological omens. (1) “Close your eyes and see with your other eyes.” (2) “If you want to be held, open up your arms.” (3) “Quit acting like wolves and let the shepherd’s love fill you.” (4) “We’re not here to seek approval but disgrace and celebration.” (5) “Let the beauty you love be what you do.”

Hehehehehe, granted, I love Rumi, but you will never catch me randomly spouting his poetry. I think the main thing is to manifest what I want/need by being open to it and exhibiting those qualities, vs sitting around and just expecting it to come. Granted, that’s how people should go about doing things, and bringing things into their lives, but some just don’t think about the fact that nothing really comes out of laziness. A quality I am well acquainted with. 😀

Scorpio for this week:
FreeWill Astrology

To an optimist, the glass is half-full. A pessimist says the glass is half-empty. But in the eyes of an engineer, the glass is twice as big as it needs to be. For the foreseeable future, Scorpio, it makes perfect sense for you to think like an engineer. Resist all temptations to be either an optimist or a pessimist. Purge any reflex you have to indulge in hope or fear. Instead, maintain a neutral, objective attitude as you try to see things exactly as they are, then make a calm, reasonable response.

Maybe that will help me keep calm about my upcoming travels. Least my Bitch alleed one concern I had last night, took one thing off my mind. Now, with that, I leave you all. I’ve decided to shirk the internet access and cell phone usage this weekend. If you need to get in touch with me, contact my Scotsman, because his number is the only one I will answer….well, besides my Bitch. Otherwise, this weekend is 100% Zoomie time. Love you guys.

I’s a happy freak today. My fangirldom is taking off, my copy of Mabool came in sometime this weekend so I went and snagged it. Woot! I love Middle Eastern and South Asian music for a reason – you can dance to it! Nothing like bouncing around the house in yer skivvies. Mraowr! May the gods bless the loop function!

I lost myself in your eyes again, smiling in rememberance. The mingling of our souls for a brief moment in time, crossing the boundaries of time and space. But it was just a moment, one that I hold with me, for the rest of time.