Alright, last night was a good redeem for my shitty day. My friend Franki got me in to the fight for free, Spoonman remembered who the hell I was and actually came up to me and started up a small conversation (if you read this, you have a nice ass, but it got in the way of Kyle’s tapout, which I was trying to see), which was nice. I got to watch two Muy Thai fights that were on the women’s card, don’t get to see those that often. My Zoomie called me during the intermission for the fight before the main event, and I got to vent a little. I never made it to the PJ party because I had a migraine kick in, and while my mood from the day wouldn’t have interfered with my partying ability, my headache would have. But I will be heading out shortly to enjoy the afternoon at the hotel, and hopefully get some play time in. Mraowr. Oh yeah, I’m supposedly going to get paid today.

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