Month: September 2005

Scorpio for this week:
FreeWill Astrology

Most people hate to feel lost. It can be scary not to know where you are, to wander aimlessly with no sense of direction. But I’d like to propose that in a few rare situations, being lost is a good thing. Such is the case right now, Scorpio. You don’t know your destination, you’ve lost your map, and you’re not even sure where you came from–all of which sets you up perfectly to stumble upon a rich discovery you would have never found otherwise. I suggest that you relax completely into the unmoored, floating feeling. The paradoxical truth is that the best strategy for finding your way out of the fog is to enjoy the fog.

Hrm, never been comfy with doing that, least not in regards to life. I like to have my feet grounded, even if my head is in the clouds. Hence the struggle to get back into a routine….speaking of, I’m sore as hell and my body is gonna hate me tomorrow. Oh well, holding steady at 117lbs now, and the body hasn’t tried to revolt against being at such a low weight. I’m also getting back on track with my eating habits, now to work on that whole sleep thing.

So, it’s looking like a repeat of Monday. So I’m keeping my ass up till 7A just in case I need to head into the site to cover for someone. This is really starting to piss me off. My only hope is that my therapist remembers that I requested to change her shifts for today. I’m gonna call around 7A just to make sure. Gods, I hope she gets that message.

This weekend was a train wreck. It makes me lament the American process of working as individuals and not as a team. My team failed, they were all too busy acting as individuals. We all dropped the ball and we were slaughtered. But it leads me to question how I might be able to bring these people together as a team, if it’s even possible? Right now, the only options are tougher restrictions, being the baby-sitter that shouldn’t exist. After-all, we are all adults, are we not?

At any rate, I plan to do something normal today. I’m hitting the gym at 2, then heading over to tc_borderpagans for the evening. The discussion isn’t really up my alley, but I need familiar faces and I need to get back in touch with my routine. I have too much chaos around me right now, and I’m struggling to function.