Alright, I’m alive, I think. My eyes feel like they weigh about 20 lbs, but at least they’re open, barely. I’m really pissed off at the D*C people who deal with registration and fees. Went to grab my night badge last night so I could go hang with my friend on the venue floor, cost went from $10 to $20. Pissed me off to no end, but great thanks and a drink next year to the woman who fronted me the extra $10. Anyway….my latest friend is totally cool, it was really interesting to converse with him and get a view into the person he is, wish I could hang out with him more often than D*C. I guess it’s my thing with assholes, I get along with them too well. 😀

With that said, I’d like to issue a clarification to those who might get the initial impression that he had during one conversation…the people who end up classified as playmates in my friend structure, they’re not toys that I call up when I feel the need or desire for the things I can get from them. I like to get to know these people as friends, I care about them as friends and they ultimately get a special spot in my circle based on their position in my life. They know a more intimate part of me that some friends don’t get to see and I respect that, as well as what I end up knowing about them. I don’t use people, and I don’t like to give the impression that I am using someone, which goes back to why I don’t talk about details and some things regarding my sex life. Ultimately, those details are just between me and the partner/bf/playmate I was with for the evening. Hence, why if I do discuss what I do at certain points, names do not get passed, and identification details are not given. Yes, there are a few friends who know the names and visuals of my playmates, but that is because I trust them with keeping that knowledge to themselves, or they get lucky in picking up via a social setting.

So yeah. Don’t be expecting much in that regards, I loosely use the old Geisha code in this realm.

Anyway, D*C was great, enjoyed the time with my friends. Missed my Evil Sister (so remember, I have the Clam).

Also, those of you who got pictures of me, if you’d be so kind as to send them my way so I can post a gallery?


  1. Damn I wish I saw you!!!
    anyway it was good to know you were there and had fun..
    I was soooooooooooooo fucking busy but I made some good bank and had some fun though alas very little in the paryt dept..


  2. Personally, I’m making no assumptions about the nature of your playmates, bfs, or any other of your friends, relationships, or associates. We live in a diverse world, with a whole lot of very complex arrangements out there. I have at various times known or met people into polyamory, monogamy, polyfidelity, various sorts of modified polyamory, polygamy, couples swinging, plain old promiscuity, and various other things that don’t fit these more or less well-defined categories. Some of these folks were cool, some sleazy, but there is no rule as to who is what until you meet them.

    Whatever works for you is great for you. I will make no assumptions until, and if, I ever meet you in person. But nothing in what you write suggests that there is anything in the least improper, using, or otherwise unpleasant in any of your treatment of your various partners.


    1. Not so much the assumptions on who I am, though I am finding quite a bit of new friends who aren’t exactly sure on the set-up. Many of them are familiar with swinging and the like, and they’re not quite familiar with the set-up of relationships with the closet door propped open. Plus, some people don’t quite follow my wording, especially the ones who don’t know me well enough to know my views on truth and honour. 😀


      1. I get it

        I find it interesting that people can so easily pass judgement on others, even if they don’t know who, what, when, where, or why. You just keep doin’ what you’re doing and who cares how others feel about it. That’s my opinion, anyway. BikerMom


      2. Re: I get it

        Not so much the passing of judgement, I haven’t gotten that yet from anyone who is my friend. I’ve got it from people who overhear something, but I really don’t care about their opinions. It’s more in line of keeping potential playmates or ones that already hold that position from thinking they’re something cheap and that I don’t want them around unless it’s for sex. I value friendship over everything and if that foundation can’t be built, then I don’t want that person knowing the other part of me.


      3. Re: I get it

        So it’s about the long term? The sex is a benefit of the relationship, whatever it may be? If the relationship is weak then no play? I thought I got it, but maybe I don’t. Just curious and there’s no need to get into detail if I’m being too nosy.


      4. Re: I get it

        You’ve pretty much got it there. If there’s not an attraction, beyond the physical, I’m not going to have sex with someone. It’s too cheap and I won’t be a part of something that cheapens an individual down to something I could get from toys. There’s also the problem that it’s just not safe nowadays for sex with strangers. There’s too much of the unknown that you risk with actions like that, as well. Knowing the person not only builds the trust factor, but it also reduces the risk of something happening, especially if they’re in your circle of friends and you have a means of contact if something does come up.

        Plus, my Scotsman has full veto power and my Zoomie has limited veto power. Anyone has to be cleared for both comfort level and safety.


      5. Re: I get it

        Thanks for taking the time to explain. I have a better feel for you and the way you do things. I’m understanding things a little more and it’s always good to expand your horizons, learn something new, appreciate differences, make a new acquaintance. If you hear from your Zoomie, tell him I said hi 😉 Take it easy Kitten.



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