So ET and I are finally checked-in to our hotel. Talk about a clusterfuck. This morning, I get a phone call at 8.30A, me, thinking it’s my Zoomie asks my Scotsman to pass the phone. I look, and it’s Residence Inn, calling to ask me if I’d be willing to downgrade my room. WTF? Seems, despite the fact that the hotel has had this weekend 100% booked for months, they’ve decided to kick the people with reservations at the last minute to take care of evacs. Now, that’s nice and all, but they could have asked first, not the day of. I say no, because we need the space, just in case they refuse to honour the reservations of others, and we needed the space in general. We get here, the room isn’t ready yet, they say 3pm, so ET and I hit the mall to restock my war paint and smelly things. We get back here at 3.30 and they have to go check to see if the room is ready. On top of that, they ask me AGAIN, if I’m willing to downgrade. Uh, no, said that this morning.

Now, this is where I’m going to bitch about the hotel. The convention hotels in this town are currently at 50%, 2 of which, are owned by Marriott (I have the inside on this one), so I’m curious as to why they’re picking the smaller hotels to place these people in, vs the larger ones that are better able to handle a large influx of people. Last year, when Ivan hit, they evaced people from FL to the D*C hotels, and put them in the rooms that had no-shows (D*C also takes up only 80% of the hotels anyway – least as far as the rooms reserved to D*C). This is a fuck-up on Marriott Corp’s end, because they know this hotel is stocked, it always is for this concert and there’s very few, if any cancellations. Why are they not relocating the evac’s to the hotels near the airport and downtown, ya know, the larger ones? Instead, they’re trying to relocate us to those hotels, the people who’ve had reservations up to 8 mos in advance. Yeah, I sympathize with the tragedy that has befallen those people, but Marriott is screwing them, and everyone else over….which gives me a little more sympathy to the evacs, because not only did their state fuck them over, but now Marriott is too.

Anyway, the Whipping Boy is down in NOLA doing recovery work. Least, I’m hoping that’s what they have him doing. I’d hate to see his talents in s&r/security wasted handing out fliers for FEMA.

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