Scorpio for this week:
FreeWill Astrology

Please don’t sit on your ass any more than you have to in the coming week. That’s always a good rule to observe, but it’s especially important to honor it now. The cosmic truth of the matter, Scorpio, is that you can’t possibly make the right decisions if your physical energy is stagnant or if your field of vision is unchanging. For the sake of your future, for the health of your emotions, for the love of God, get out into the wild open spaces. And if that’s not feasible, at least saunter around the neighborhood more than usual. Here’s your motto, courtesy of St. Augustine: Solvitur ambulando, which is Latin for “It is solved by walking.”

Hrm, yep, my Scotsman has been on to me. Gonna track down some numbers today, to make calls tomorrow for various rehab and med clinics that might be looking for Massage Therapists. He suggested the VA clinic, which I’m going to try anyway, despite the fact that the VA program has been kind enough to ditch most of their “alternative therapies”. I think they’re relegated to Bethesda and Walter Reid right now. Bah! Today is house-cleaning day, and hoping to get to the lawn today too. That’s my workout today, tomorrow is gym day.

FYI: this time next week all my friends start gathering for Prog…including my Zoomie. *bouncebouncebounce* Mraowr. And yes, you locals, I will be bringing him out to introduce around, so you’ll have a face to put to a name. He’s looking forward to meeting you all too.

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