Day: September 5, 2005

Alright, I’m alive, I think. My eyes feel like they weigh about 20 lbs, but at least they’re open, barely. I’m really pissed off at the D*C people who deal with registration and fees. Went to grab my night badge last night so I could go hang with my friend on the venue floor, cost went from $10 to $20. Pissed me off to no end, but great thanks and a drink next year to the woman who fronted me the extra $10. Anyway….my latest friend is totally cool, it was really interesting to converse with him and get a view into the person he is, wish I could hang out with him more often than D*C. I guess it’s my thing with assholes, I get along with them too well. 😀

With that said, I’d like to issue a clarification to those who might get the initial impression that he had during one conversation…the people who end up classified as playmates in my friend structure, they’re not toys that I call up when I feel the need or desire for the things I can get from them. I like to get to know these people as friends, I care about them as friends and they ultimately get a special spot in my circle based on their position in my life. They know a more intimate part of me that some friends don’t get to see and I respect that, as well as what I end up knowing about them. I don’t use people, and I don’t like to give the impression that I am using someone, which goes back to why I don’t talk about details and some things regarding my sex life. Ultimately, those details are just between me and the partner/bf/playmate I was with for the evening. Hence, why if I do discuss what I do at certain points, names do not get passed, and identification details are not given. Yes, there are a few friends who know the names and visuals of my playmates, but that is because I trust them with keeping that knowledge to themselves, or they get lucky in picking up via a social setting.

So yeah. Don’t be expecting much in that regards, I loosely use the old Geisha code in this realm.

Anyway, D*C was great, enjoyed the time with my friends. Missed my Evil Sister (so remember, I have the Clam).

Also, those of you who got pictures of me, if you’d be so kind as to send them my way so I can post a gallery?