Day: September 26, 2005

This weekend was a train wreck. It makes me lament the American process of working as individuals and not as a team. My team failed, they were all too busy acting as individuals. We all dropped the ball and we were slaughtered. But it leads me to question how I might be able to bring these people together as a team, if it’s even possible? Right now, the only options are tougher restrictions, being the baby-sitter that shouldn’t exist. After-all, we are all adults, are we not?

At any rate, I plan to do something normal today. I’m hitting the gym at 2, then heading over to tc_borderpagans for the evening. The discussion isn’t really up my alley, but I need familiar faces and I need to get back in touch with my routine. I have too much chaos around me right now, and I’m struggling to function.