Not much going on, just listening to the sound of my male captor happily snoozing away in the other room, my female captor clinking away in the kitchen, sitting on the floor of the soon-to-be-office in my fight shorts and my oh-so-wonderous OIF shirt my Zoomie got me. Watching my fight chat slowly move by my eyes. Got the most hilarious email from my Zoomie today, even my female captor was laughing her ass off at it. Dumbass women who dress like sluts then get pissed because some guy oggles them like a slut. I’ll never understand that about women. Even I can suck up the fact that I’ll get at least one pigheaded statement or look when I’m dressed up. Hell, the last time my female captor and I went out on a concert date, we were completely dressed down in cammie cut-offs and tank tops – and still got the jaw drops that made us laugh. Yeah, anyway….not much else going on. Kinda feeling a bit irked on a few things, but those things are being taken care of, ATM, so nothing to really worry about. Right now, I’m just enjoying the fact that I don’t have to answer the phone, and I can sleep in. It’s also kinda cool, because I’ve always loved the “camping out” part of moving into a new place, and I get to do that here. 😀 Anyway…….not much else, unless you want to hear how much I miss my Scotsman and how many weeks until my Zoomie gets here…..

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