Day: August 20, 2005

Last night was the concert my friend B snagged tickets for, and I must say, System of a Down is a wonderful stage presence. Those guys were just up there having fun, goofing off and putting on a great show. I think this is the only concert I’ve been to, where the band did a good job of mixing in the old and the new. The opening band was, um……. interesting. The promoter did a shit job on putting way too many genres into the mix. Anyway, opener was Bad Acid Trip, a punk band. industrialreich and I got there just in time for the meat of the set, and their little attempt at a political statement (I laughed at the fact they had Amnesty Int’l hosting a booth out front). They would have been good at a punk show, but bad opener for Sys oD. Mars Volta was up second, and I have the same issue with them that I have with Opeth….it’s not that their songs are too long, it’s that their live songs are too long and they jam inbetween songs. Almost fell asleep during their set, several good songs, and the singer definitely has the James Brown/Michael Jackson dance down….even for a Mexican.

Other news, I’m dead tired, but I got my package from my Zoomie today, nifty OIF t-shirt that I can sleep in, along with commemoration coin for the AMMO group. Prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. It’s nifty, but didn’t know it was in there till it slid out of the shirt and nailed the ground. The protection case is scratched up now, but my coin is still pretty. Prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Tonight, is UFC 54, yummy. Blood, violence, happiness. WT is coming over for it. *bouncebouncebounce*