Day: August 7, 2005

Ok, so far, today has been nothing but wonderful (with the exception of the current sugar drop I’m experiencing). Woke up to the announcement of my nephew’s birth, and woke up late because my weekend starting therapist rawks my socks (I know she’s going to be on-shift and on-time). Nothing but love and nuzzles from both my Zoomie and my Scotsman (who is starting to discover the world of slacking….and he does it so well). I spent an hour in the shower, for my ritual shave and scrub, my gods it was wonderful. For you women who despise shaving, make it into a weekly ritual, doing so made it an amazing and relaxing experience for me. So my body is almost completely clear of hair, got to use the face stuff my neighbor gave me, has peppermint in it and is wonderful itself (I’ll post the link for her company when I get it). My shoulders aren’t totally relaxed, but they’re getting there, and I have enough cash on me to hit my Therapist up for a painful session.

Anyway, tonight is date night, going to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I’m feeling nothing but positive with the coming week, have boy’s night out on Saturday with WT, hoping to snag some Franki time for the next fight night, so I gotta get in touch with him on that.

I think it’s the prospect of going back up to NC that’s got me going. Yeah, yeah, middle-of-nowhere, my friends that live there will say it sucks, but I love visiting them. Oh yeah, and meeting my friend’s wife….really looking forward to that one. *bouncebouncebounce* (if she reads this, YES, I’M EXCITED ABOUT THAT!)