Day: August 8, 2005

Yay!!! Monday didn’t act like Monday!!!! Stress-free and I even got to meditate and do some yoga/armwork! My collar bones are still clicking and popping in and out of joint, but my rotator cuff muscles are starting to heal. Had a cool shoot with waymerich, this evening, got some more shots for my boys overseas and to potentially add to the calendar portfolio. MY THERAPISTS TODAY ROCKED!!!!!

Anyway, not much going on, otherwise. I got my first full-blown review today, by my Zoomie, nothing but positive. Eep! I have decided that next week I’m going to begin another detox and cut caffeine for a week (yeah, should have been this week, but hey, can’t time everything the way I need to, now can I?) I’m trying to decide what I’m going to do about the Autumnfest issue, as my mentor wants us to start teaching at these things, and I don’t think I can really count the stuff I do with BorderPagans with him, as he hasn’t been to one of my classes (which yes, I know I need to do my 200 and 300 class). My main problem, is that the things I want to teach about, I don’t have my basic research even done yet, and I need to see if I can snag erynn999 time at D*C to see if my current theories have enough merit to even continue on (if you’re reading this, I will be contacting you beforehand, as we’re not staying in the hotel this year). Which, is another thing. I’m contemplating whether or not I really want to go this year. From the looks of it, the line-up is almost the same as last year, even most of the EFF panels are repeats. About the only reason I’m going now are the panels that I haven’t been to, and seeing my friends (but with the lack of crash space, I won’t be hanging out long). And as there’s no crash space, there’s no changing space, so it pretty much makes the concept of doing any costuming pointless, unless it’s something I’m comfortable with wearing all day – and potentially all night. So photogs, if you want to do shoots with me there, please let me know ahead of time so I can make arrangements. Right now, I’m planning on going to a fight out in Athens the first night with WT, gonna go watch one of the local fighters lay it down again.

Ok, I lost my train of thought. Anyway, cheers. Still working on the dark stairwell post.