Day: August 6, 2005

For the last two weeks, my days have started before I even get out of bed. I have to sleep with my laptop and my phone, because the first phone call comes in at 8.45A, or so. Once I’ve taken care of that, and any issue around that phone call, I can slowly drag my ass to the rest of my day, skipping the morning shower, I walk directly to the coffee maker and get that first shot going, then into my office where I plug in the laptop and start on the days stuff (please keep in mind I haven’t changed out of my sleeping clothes at this point, maybe I’ve taken the time for a tank top change). I eat breakfast around 11 or 12, sometimes I just make lunch and have 2 dinners. If I’m lucky, I make it to the gym sometime in the afternoon. The rest of the day is taken up with de-stressing via my Zoomie, and dealing with the ever-present bullshit. I have 3 therapists a day I have to keep up with, when they show up for work, it’s less stress because I don’t have to deal with the ray of Sunshine that likes to make my job as difficult as possible so we fuck up.* Anyway, the majority of my day is spent sitting and stressing at my desk, I’ve neglected my spiritual schedule, ceased both my meditation and yoga practice and I haven’t had time for kickboxing or anything of the like. My trips out of town, and that I have designated as “phone off” time haven’t provided me with the relief or the release that I’ve needed, I haven’t had time to write in my pillow book, or have been too depressed to get into the proper mind-frame to write in it. I would like to wake up, one of these days, not have to have my phone in hand when I do, and be able to take my time in starting my day. Of course, my Scotsman says to start my day earlier, which could be useful if I was going to bed earlier than 1A. Which is a whole other problem to start with. Gods, I can’t wait till my LeJeune trip. Yeah, it’s out in the middle of nowhere, but my captors are wonderful and pet me often. They feed me good food too. 🙂 (must get their treats ready).

*We’re currently on the hotel shit-list because of therapists missing shifts, missing sessions, etc. And since I’ve cracked the whip, that ratio has started to drop. However, when I have to move to my back-up plan, this woman does everything in her power to make sure that a session is missed, down to following a 2 hour lead time for each walk-in session on days with an on-call therapist. The last issue, a therapist was running late because of parking issues, instead of making the earliest available time slot at 10, she schedule for 9.30, 15 minutes after the therapist said she’d definitely be there. Instead of explaining to the client that the earliest available time-slot was x hour, she said the therapist was running late (as there’s no visable difference between the hotel and us, to the client, she makes the hotel look bad). There was another whole fuck-up with that one too, once I talked to the therapist and got the full conversation that was had before the session was scheduled.