Sorry about the lacking of substantive posts of late. I’m gearing up for my trip to LeJeune, trying to get job stuff settled here, downloading my fights and other stuff from the TiVo. Last night was UFC 54, it kicked ass, and I was happy to share it with WT and pop his Ultimate Fighting cherry. 😀 Even my Scotsman got into a few of the fights on the card. I was saddened to see Diego Sanchez win, not because I think he’s a shit fighter, he’s not. He just needs to learn humility, and if he doesn’t grasp the concept now, he’s going to be hurting down the line when he hits a slump and pulls a Frank Trigg and can’t pull himself out. I spent most of the night doing play by play for the chat I mod, because not everyone gets the opportunity to watch this stuff live. ET and I have decided that we’re going to hit up one of the fights in AC this next year. About 3 weeks till she gets here, and we’re gonna do some damage, of course, that’s because my Zoomie is gonna be here with me (yes Ala, I’ll get pictures of us together). I guess my lack of posting is also because my days have been taken up with trying to fix my computers, missing my Zoomie, and all the other prep stuff. I need to reconnect with myself because all this other stuff has placed my focus back outside, instead of inside.

Other funny things, WT was laughing at my mouthguard last night. It’s a kid’s size small, cut down and boiled. Yes, I have a tiny mouth, the Dog makes fun of me by reminding me to breathe so I don’t gag. *giggles* Though, he’ll laugh hysterically when he actually sees it. I need to make a run to the A/N store tomorrow to pick up a pair of shorts for our sparring match. The Marines are funky with their facility dress codes, so I plan on playing it safe and keeping covered.

Eh, looking forward to my trip, roadtime always calms me, but need to call the credit union tomorrow and see if I can get my credit limit upped so I can afford prog and get my tickets to Italy before they get last minute expensive.


  1. UFC Cherry…hehe

    Yes I have to say that I greatly enjoyed the popping of my UFC cherry…you were very gentel..=^P…I’m really looking forward to the Athens fights, much fun is to be had…anywho I arrived safe in Tennessee. I’ll holler at ya when i get home…Be good, and be safe.



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