Last night, I made my “Irish” version of Indian coffee. Came pretty close and had a nice kick. Anyway, I’ve always considered Indian coffee to be fairly weak, but that’s because the main goal is for the flavour to come out, not the caffeine taste. So, in my strive to sufficiently “air out” my caffeine system, I halved the amount of beans, added a shot of Baileys (compliments of my grove, as it was they who drank my last bottle, not the ancestors), and 3 bitty scoops of raw sugar. Kicked ass. My Scotsman hated it, but I was the one drinking, not him.

Anyway, I’ve decided to be a bad goth this summer (like I really was one to begin with). It’ll probably kill some of the model work I do, but hey, computer editing could fix the problem. So, onto what I’m going to do….

I’m gonna get me some sun, add some colour to my skin, maybe even my cheeks. My da’s comment about the sea yesterday solidified it. My goal this summer is to return to my roots, not necessarily in going back to the places I was when I was growing up, but going back to the foundations and the things that evolved who I am today. Being the carefree, malicious spirit I once was, frolicking in the sea mist under a bright hot sun, and hopping back across the burning grains of sand to my towel. May the Gods bless the scientists who came up with SPF 75, the waterproof version.

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