wire_mother, I’m developing an interest in Celtic stick fighting. Any suggestions?

In other news, I’ve gotta kick my ass in gear to get my research going again. Driving around the other day after yoga kicked me to a new realization. The yogi at the conference, who’s sessions I attended, made the comment that one secret of yoga is that it’s the moving book of sexuality. I’ve been pondering on that since, and going through my ashtanga movements had me agreeing with her realization. Each movement I went through, was a movement that is used in the dance of sexual relations. It charged me quite a bit, which is where I’m thinking my loss of a personal boundary came from (my apologies to those at dessert). I’m actually quite happy that, that specific boundary dropped. I have some more exploring to do, I’ll see about doing that this week, as time allows.

I need to re-check my sources to put some more Eastern/Western attack/defense theories together. Maybe that will help me further my studies into Western “shamanic” massage approach. I gotta quit being so lazy with my mind. I’m doing so well on my body, but I’m starting to neglect that part.


  1. woo! I’m not , but I have a suggestion:
    Irish Gangs and Stick Fighting: In the Works of William Carleton, by John W. Hurley. John’s an old friend of mine,(in fact he wrote the article Irish Witchcraft for my site), and his book is EXCELLENT 🙂


    1. Heh, it’s alright, I’m happy to get my hands on everything. I just knew wiremother studied it. BTW, your site is getting quite a bit of reference on Imbas. 🙂



    2. that’s a good book, indeed.

      John Hurley’s homepage

      A Good Site on the Subject – includes material developed from 19th century books which mention Irish stickfighting

      Another Good Site on the Subject – from fighting techniques passed down through a family

      The POHEMAS Incomplete Bata FAQ


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