There are a few interesting threads going on one of the Heavy Metal boards I’m on, mostly regarding weight management and personal attraction. So far, it’s pretty interesting, there hasn’t been much in the realm of mudslinging. For the most part, I haven’t really be taking part in it, because, well, I’m a scrawny little thing, so my opinion doesn’t carry much weight.

I can’t speak on the attraction level, because I don’t have a specific body type I go after, it’s more about whether or not the person is happy with themselves and takes care to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, there were some points that were brought up that are important. There is a point where physical health declines, though it is not the same for everyone, nor can someone point to where that line is on each person. I think that being able to maintain a healthy mentality and outlook greatly affects how the body reacts and lives with the changes that are going on within. When mental health is compromised, by either depression or denial of happiness, the body is going to follow in its own deteriation and complicate the issue further. One of the reasons why physical exertion is favoured, is because of the “feel good” chemicals that are secreted within the brain during and after activity. It allows for the slight “high” that brings about the feeling of happiness after a good walk, run or general enjoyment from being active. The downfall, is when the goal of exercise is to create a physical change, and the mental determination and strength isn’t prepared for the long-haul. The outlook, in this case, needs to be with gradual change and things built-in to reinforce the step goals for the individual and the realization that the body will gradually work itself into the existence that is healthy and works for the body. So staying open to that fact is very important and keeping the positive outlook is the main step towards being happy within one’s self.

Next stop, cultivating inner happiness.


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