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Spent the day not working on the condo. But that’s ok, we’ll go by tomorrow and I’ll spend some time on Monday, too. We’ve needed to stay at the house and start to unpack. Things need to find their places.

I’m finding amusement in the things that I’m determining are important to buy. Yes, it’s things, but things like plants, bird feeders, chairs for outdoors. I’m not focused so much on the inside as I think there are only a few things we honestly need there, but we need more outdoor stuff. I’m seeing where I can set-up my retaining walls, where the grove circle might go (got it narrowed down to 3 places), which things need to be removed.

Slowly, finding more direction. Still wandering a bit with the work stuffs, but it will get settled. I’m being pulled in a different direction, so right now the goal is to set the office up so that the massage will be my part-time job and the gym will be my main job. Taking a bigger role there, as we’re picking out next year’s team and setting up a 5-6 year old team. Going to spend next week reconfiguring the website for the office to get rid of 2 of our memberships. I have to go in another direction. I also need to bring in folks that can potentially take over the lease. Waffling on whether or not I want it set up in a manner for me to have 2 offices, but as with meditation, that thought just floats in and floats away. No attachment to it, yet. The signs haven’t been there, they’ve been elsewhere.

Speaking of signs…I’m getting better at being more aware of them. Not always sure as to which direction they are intending to point me, but I figure at this point I can treat it like breadcrumbs. Find the ones that strike me in the right manner and keep walking till I find another one and continue on that path. And that’s leading me further and further away from Atlanta. It really is something to think about, I just need to figure out how I’m going to pursue that avenue. I feel I’ve been niched into one place with my work, and I’ve strayed away from the type of work that I got into the field to do in the first place. I’m too separated from my spirituality with it.


Doing lots of house stuffs, mostly closets (you'd think my condo was nothing but closets with how often I'm working on one).

Work is up and down. Right now, just started another LS deal, and I've realized what a huge source of my anxiety is…dealing with other people's expectations. The last time around, at the onset and outset of the deal, I was stuck dealing with all the "me, now" clients. Had a few of them already, and given where we're at in the deal offering, they cancelled their coupon. It's the one nice thing with the way this particular deal is going, other than that, I'm not thrilled. It's not selling well, and I'm more than sure it's because they decided to offer it over the weekend, than at the beginning of the week. Pastry and I are contemplating marketing ideas, and I'm contemplating a change-up that might shift my market focus. It's in part thanks to my mentor for letting me sub for her at an awesome studio that is right up my alley.

Life, still working on that. Sliding back into my meditation practice thanks to all above, and thanks to my friend B, I found that the studio she works at has a regular kundalini class. So I'll be able to get back in tune sooner or later. Also planning to hit up my office neighbor for an acupuncture session, once I get my credit card back within personal limits. In a few weeks, it's ProgPower, really looking forward to that, since it won't be the last one. Oh yeah, went to see Steve Vai on Thursday. It was awesome, because there were parts that you could just shut your eyes and his opening statements proved true….a temple of music had been created. I was amazed, since I had never really listened to his music, I wasn't sure what to expect. So awesome.

Politics, they are what they are. Neither candidate is worth my vote, IMO and they haven't come up with anything to persuade my choice. Obama now has a record that I don't agree with, mostly on Constitutional grounds regarding some of his non-legislative choices. Those were the clincher. The legislative choices are just points against him. Romney…..what can you not say? There's very little difference between him and Obama, outside of a better choice of Veep choices (whose only positive, IMO, is that he's not overly familiar with the taste of his shoe leather).

Other stuff, trying to figure out what direction to take on mixing my personal and professional life. I would like a means to integrate them, because I have awesome ideas and I think it will make me a really happy person in time. It's just a matter of figuring out how to do that….

And then there were….

I suck at posting. I keep reading everyone’s updates and keep thinking of things to post, but never do. I’ve had a ton of shit in my head, frustrations, stories and whatnot. Lots of things to consider.

Been tossing around ditching the business and going back to corporate, gonna give it another year and see how the addition of yoga functions. If it’s not improving, I’m ditching out, and going part-time. The headaches are not worth it.

Have to go in for another colposcopy, yay biopsys! /not. Seem to have a persistent infection.

The house is coming along, slowly paying off the CC bills, but not fast enough. But at least the house looks nice and is starting to look like someone has been living here for more than a year or two. Kinda nice feeling to see it coming together. Can’t wait to start the renovations ASAP.

House stuffs…

So, I’m mostly done with the closet. Spent the last couple of weeks painting and installing the top rails. One wall is done, just needs to properly be divvied up so two people can use it. Then come the drawers and whatnot. Otherwise, it’s quite useful now, vs the “so useless I don’t want to go in it” point when I started. I need to head into the container store and do the actual drawing out of it, so I can at least plan for what I’ll need going forward.

The downside, is that the renovation I wanted to do, will not be happening because I can’t move the door into the bedroom. I can do a sliding door where it’s at, which will work and will still allow me to do the walls that I want. It’s gonna look cool, and at least I save money by not having to move the door. 😀

I’ll post pictures later, probably on FB, not sure if I’ll be able to post them here, though.

Fun stuff!!!!

So last night, I got it in my head to start working on the entertainment system configuration for my living room. Disconnect the Mini, TV, speakers…everything and hoisted it up on the mantle to see what all I will need, provided I can run cables inside the wall that houses my fireplace. Not an ideal set-up, for now, but once the electrician can get into the attic I’ll have a better idea on what all I can do, but at least I know which basic stuffs I need to get ahead of time and stayed up waaaaaaaaaay too late looking at BestBuy, HomeDepot and Lowes to price out things. Also need to run to RadioShack, as they have decent stuff, too. Main thing is to run a new cable outlet and the HDMI outlet, I’ll deal with the sound system later, as I’m probably going to get a new one, if Pastry can’t bring his when he moves. So far, the really nice thing is that it opens up more floor space. The negative, is that I haven’t gotten the wall mount for my TV, so I can’t sit on the floor and watch movies clearly (gotta sit on the couch instead). Goal is to have this taken care of by September, if it gets cool enough, as the electrician and I both agree, too fucking hot for attic work. 😀

Sooooooo excited!!!!


Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

The roots of big old trees are your power objects. I advise you to visualize them in your mind’s eye for a few minutes each day, maybe even go look at actual trees whose roots are showing above ground. Doing this will strengthen your resolve and increase your patience and help you find the deeper sources of nurturing you need. Another exercise that’s likely to energize you in just the right way is to picture yourself at age 77. I suggest you create a detailed vision of who you’ll be at that time. See yourself drinking a cup of tea as you gaze out over a verdant valley on a sunny afternoon in June. What are you wearing? What kind of tea is it? What birds do you see? What are your favorite memories of the last 30 years?

FreeWill Astrology

Given the way the last couple of weeks have been going, and my mum’s diagnosis of me having the flu, would probably be a good idea to nurture myself. I think it would be a good idea to go back and look at my roots. Any time there is a change of chapters, returning to roots is a good means to integrate the new things learned with the old things, in order to move forward. So, I’ll work on this, this week. 🙂

That said, things are going nicely. I found some decking, in the event that I have to suffer the horrid colour of paint on my patio, that matches the condo siding. My pepper plants are looking nice, growing slowly, but good. I’ll be able to afford new planters soon, so they’ll be ready. 🙂 The strawberry plant is doing wonderfully, too. The roses….not so much. The praying mantii were late in hatching, and the white flies have already destroyed a good bit of them. They’ll be getting cut back a good bit come winter, hoping to rid the world of some white flies. In the process of figuring out which new herbs to buy for the new planter box, preferably some Italian ones, given my love of Italian food.

Office is coming together, slowly. LivingSocial is all resolved, and I’m definitely getting interest from folks who want to be members. In the process of hoping to interview at least one therapist, soon. My yoga certification starts in September, super psyched about that, given my need to get active again. In the meantime, I’m looking around for affordable rollerblades in hope that I can start waking up early enough to go for a skate without overheating. One step at a time, and I am getting there. Balance is delicate, but it’s working, as long as I keep the bigger picture in mind and keep my reacting in the moment to the moments. I’m highly worried that I’m over-stressing myself to a heart attack. Just need to get through this point and I’m good.

Been one heck of a week. Tuesday-Thursday has been non-stop appointment making, which is good but drives me nuts, given how much I hate phone conversations. So far, we have 4 people interested in some kind of membership, one of them I will be seeing again next week. Need to print out some more price menus, as my window one has been given away and my spare has also. Been some hit and miss, which I can deal with. I do need to hit up the school and put up an advert for a female therapist, as I need one by October, anyway, so this is a good time to at least run the possibility of building her client list.

The house is coming along, haven’t really done anything lately, but the doors have been picked out, outlets changed and fixed one to work. Picked out the window film, too for both the sunroom crappy window and the bathroom/bedroom door windows.

eydimork, if you read this, I remember you posting a recipe or something for portobello mushroom caps. I’m at the point where I would love to try and make them, and your description sounded absolutely yummy.

Pastry has received his wonderful packet from the embassy for his visa. So we’re on our way.

Lots of positive things. I’m hoping this LivingSocial coupon brings in more folks, I’d like to start being more social again. Now that I’m only going out to Acworth once a month, there’s a better chance, as that’s $15 of gas money that stays in my pocket, instead of being paid out every week (which means more trivia night at NRT!).

So, today I started my work at getting up earlier. I’ve changed all my alarms by 15 minutes and succeeded in getting out of bed 5 minutes after the last alarm went off. Goal is to be getting up by the last alarm by the end of the week. Next week, the second alarm.

An interesting note, last night Lexus curled up in my arms to sleep, right next to my head. It’s odd for her since she’s fairly anti-social (must be on her terms, not my desire to pet her if she’s sitting next to me). Not sure what’s going on, and I’m hoping it’s not a sign of something to come. This week is going to be busy as I get into the later part of the week, but that is a-ok by me.

Work is decent, my weekly headache has returned with a vengeance and is managing to avoid coming in. Not sure if it’s intentional, or just circumstance, but discussion will be had, somehow! Google voice is being a bitch and not letting me call anyone from my phone, which is annoying as I don’t wish to give my cell number out to clients.

I am now past page 300 in Inifinite Jest and finally hit the point where I can’t put it down. It was a slow starter, but once the ball gained some momentum, it really started rolling down hill.

I snagged a pack of outlet receptacles for the apartment, so I can start replacing those tomorrow and maybe get my room into some level of habitat. Need to call the BritJew so he can come take a look at my ideas for the door. Also need to call the community handyman and set up some time for him to quote me for the vanity mirror install.

I am focusing on being optimistic about this year. Things will be good.

Oh yeah, the gov’t sent me a receipt, the Pastry has been approved to petition for Visa status, so first hurdle passed, now on to the fun stuff!!

The parental visit was great. It’s kinda funny, given the past, as to how we are becoming more a family and having more fun together. The amusing part, was how the Pastry managed to pull my dad away from the women’s basketball final for dinner at the table. I loved it, even though I was a little late, because my TV show download had a hiccup. We also went and did a lot of stuff. Usually our visits include Dr visits and shopping, this time was a lot of socializing and looking at stuff. I think the next one will be, too. I really hope my brother and his family can go with us, too.

As for me, Surgeon appointment has been scheduled, so one thing down. Next week I’m going to start working myself into my new schedule, so Teacher training won’t be such a shock to the system and a struggle to do everything I need to get done. Better to work into it so the kinks won’t be as detrimental. Also, doing a full “spring cleaning” next week and going to start working on the front closet, so it will be just as useful as the sunroom. Also need to stock up on the summer foods, already starting to experience the issues with eating less per meal. Pastry also noted the fact that our issues resolved in Texas, as my mum makes more vegetables with the meals than we do when we are at home. So….fresh veggies here I come….now to just make sure I’m home at decent hours to make dinner.

I don’t think I’ve ever been this nervous. Of all the stuff I’ve done, I have never actually felt the need to toss my breakfast as much as I did this morning.

But hey, I got to nail his lawyer on his “you got a great deal on this property” question. Yeah, I got a great deal, if you call paying $5k over only to find out there are electrical issues and the so-called functioning HVAC (according to the receipts and the appraisal) wasn’t functioning. I also got to watch his agent squirm and run away from me, yet again.

The verdict? Against me, but I won the counter-claim. The judge also said that it sounded more like I had a potential fraud case against the agent, as he continued to pull the “the warranty will pay for it” assurance, then proceeded to guaranty that it didn’t by turning in an appraisal that said it didn’t work.

That said, I agree with my lawyer. The agent was contracted to represent the seller to me and my agent and act as a go-between for him and me/my agent. Anything he said made the seller responsible for what he said, kinda like a salesperson saying something untrue about a product and when the product fails the store is responsible to the consumer to “fix” it. Oh well, I’m looking into other means to follow up with this against the agent. And from what it looked like, the seller is going to be seeking restitution for this trip against his agent. If that’s the case, I’ll gladly testify.

But it’s over. Finally.