Fun stuff!!!!

So last night, I got it in my head to start working on the entertainment system configuration for my living room. Disconnect the Mini, TV, speakers…everything and hoisted it up on the mantle to see what all I will need, provided I can run cables inside the wall that houses my fireplace. Not an ideal set-up, for now, but once the electrician can get into the attic I’ll have a better idea on what all I can do, but at least I know which basic stuffs I need to get ahead of time and stayed up waaaaaaaaaay too late looking at BestBuy, HomeDepot and Lowes to price out things. Also need to run to RadioShack, as they have decent stuff, too. Main thing is to run a new cable outlet and the HDMI outlet, I’ll deal with the sound system later, as I’m probably going to get a new one, if Pastry can’t bring his when he moves. So far, the really nice thing is that it opens up more floor space. The negative, is that I haven’t gotten the wall mount for my TV, so I can’t sit on the floor and watch movies clearly (gotta sit on the couch instead). Goal is to have this taken care of by September, if it gets cool enough, as the electrician and I both agree, too fucking hot for attic work. 😀

Sooooooo excited!!!!


    1. It’ll have to be something accessible to me. Fry’s is out 85, no bus service up there. If it were closer in, that’d be a different story. :/


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