And then there were….

I suck at posting. I keep reading everyone’s updates and keep thinking of things to post, but never do. I’ve had a ton of shit in my head, frustrations, stories and whatnot. Lots of things to consider.

Been tossing around ditching the business and going back to corporate, gonna give it another year and see how the addition of yoga functions. If it’s not improving, I’m ditching out, and going part-time. The headaches are not worth it.

Have to go in for another colposcopy, yay biopsys! /not. Seem to have a persistent infection.

The house is coming along, slowly paying off the CC bills, but not fast enough. But at least the house looks nice and is starting to look like someone has been living here for more than a year or two. Kinda nice feeling to see it coming together. Can’t wait to start the renovations ASAP.

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