The parental visit was great. It’s kinda funny, given the past, as to how we are becoming more a family and having more fun together. The amusing part, was how the Pastry managed to pull my dad away from the women’s basketball final for dinner at the table. I loved it, even though I was a little late, because my TV show download had a hiccup. We also went and did a lot of stuff. Usually our visits include Dr visits and shopping, this time was a lot of socializing and looking at stuff. I think the next one will be, too. I really hope my brother and his family can go with us, too.

As for me, Surgeon appointment has been scheduled, so one thing down. Next week I’m going to start working myself into my new schedule, so Teacher training won’t be such a shock to the system and a struggle to do everything I need to get done. Better to work into it so the kinks won’t be as detrimental. Also, doing a full “spring cleaning” next week and going to start working on the front closet, so it will be just as useful as the sunroom. Also need to stock up on the summer foods, already starting to experience the issues with eating less per meal. Pastry also noted the fact that our issues resolved in Texas, as my mum makes more vegetables with the meals than we do when we are at home. So….fresh veggies here I come….now to just make sure I’m home at decent hours to make dinner.

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  1. Had to go back through your journal cause I didn’t remember seeing anything about surgery. This is for your teeth/gums?

    I think it is awesome that you are going to be teaching!!! Hope to see some awesome pictures of your superior yoga skillz! 🙂


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