Doing lots of house stuffs, mostly closets (you'd think my condo was nothing but closets with how often I'm working on one).

Work is up and down. Right now, just started another LS deal, and I've realized what a huge source of my anxiety is…dealing with other people's expectations. The last time around, at the onset and outset of the deal, I was stuck dealing with all the "me, now" clients. Had a few of them already, and given where we're at in the deal offering, they cancelled their coupon. It's the one nice thing with the way this particular deal is going, other than that, I'm not thrilled. It's not selling well, and I'm more than sure it's because they decided to offer it over the weekend, than at the beginning of the week. Pastry and I are contemplating marketing ideas, and I'm contemplating a change-up that might shift my market focus. It's in part thanks to my mentor for letting me sub for her at an awesome studio that is right up my alley.

Life, still working on that. Sliding back into my meditation practice thanks to all above, and thanks to my friend B, I found that the studio she works at has a regular kundalini class. So I'll be able to get back in tune sooner or later. Also planning to hit up my office neighbor for an acupuncture session, once I get my credit card back within personal limits. In a few weeks, it's ProgPower, really looking forward to that, since it won't be the last one. Oh yeah, went to see Steve Vai on Thursday. It was awesome, because there were parts that you could just shut your eyes and his opening statements proved true….a temple of music had been created. I was amazed, since I had never really listened to his music, I wasn't sure what to expect. So awesome.

Politics, they are what they are. Neither candidate is worth my vote, IMO and they haven't come up with anything to persuade my choice. Obama now has a record that I don't agree with, mostly on Constitutional grounds regarding some of his non-legislative choices. Those were the clincher. The legislative choices are just points against him. Romney…..what can you not say? There's very little difference between him and Obama, outside of a better choice of Veep choices (whose only positive, IMO, is that he's not overly familiar with the taste of his shoe leather).

Other stuff, trying to figure out what direction to take on mixing my personal and professional life. I would like a means to integrate them, because I have awesome ideas and I think it will make me a really happy person in time. It's just a matter of figuring out how to do that….

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