Scorpio for this week:

I foresee a time when women’s earnings will match men’s and when women will compose half of every governmental body instead of a measly ten percent. I predict an awakening that will help men understand that the global conspiracy to cripple and demean female power damages them as much as it does women. Until the coming of that happy day, I recommend that you celebrate International Women’s Day every day–and especially during the next three weeks. Your health, wealth, sex appeal, and wisdom will flourish in direct proportion to your efforts to give female intelligence more room to be expressed.

FreeWill Astrology

Ummmmmm. OK. Now, I just don’t get this one. I’m not a feminist in the sense that I have to celebrate the fact that I’m an innie and not an outie. I’m human, just happen to be of the female persuasion. In fact, I never understood these whole celebration things. Where’s the International Men’s Day? I don’t really think there’s any conspiracy (outside of a few religions and societies) to quash the female intelligence or whatnot. In fact, I’d like to see some group manage it, as the only way to actually do that would be to kill off all the women in said group. I think the problem in regards to women being in governmental bodies, is the fact that they spend too much time on the “mothering” side, and not so much time as the “lioness protecting her cubs” side. There seems to be an absolute vacuum in that regards, in relation to women in politics. The only one I see actually standing up to the process is Hilary, but she’s got too many rotten apples in the orchard to do anything with her fruit. Up there, they want to help and coddle, they aren’t willing to stand up and be the Bitch and get the things done that need to be done. And I don’t think there are enough of those who will, to go around. Hell, want to see a microcosm of it? Show up to my fight training on any given day, the instructors will go after the women to see if the lion will come out. If she doesn’t, she goes back to the fitness classes, if she does, she gets put on the team track. As my Professore likes to say, “In training, I want to see bunnies running around. But the minute you step out to represent your team in competition, that bunny better be a lion.”


  1. The only one I see actually standing up to the process is Hilary, but she’s got too many rotten apples in the orchard to do anything with her fruit.

    hahaha.. I have never heard that put so appropriately 🙂


  2. After reading this a thought popped into my head. Do you consider Hillary Clinton a lioness or a commie in a bunny suit? I’m not saying all women in politics are Socialist like Hillary, but a majority of them are Democrat. Whats your opinion on Elizabeth Dole?


    1. I think Hilary is a lion. She knows how to get what she wants, and will get what she wants. However, I think she’s misguided in what she thinks this nation needs, or is just blinded by her desire to sit atop the chair of the highest office on the planet right now. I like Elizabeth Dole, I think she’s a great Senator. However, she runs in to the same problems. If she’d take the gloves off and give a solid punch, I’d have a higher opinion of her chances of successfully running the US as President. However, I voted against her, because I didn’t think she could actually do what needs to be done.

      I’ve grown up in the male world, so I can see the problems that women run into when they decide to enter it, vs being molded by it. The women that walk into it from the outside tend to go straight to the punches and fail to rationalize what they’re doing. When you grow up in it, as a woman, you learn to be calculating as well as learn to weigh the consequences of your actions. Some women can make the transition without a problem. Others, lose sight of who they are on the inside and run with what they think will make them successful in that world. Hilary is one of the latter. I think she would do a lot better if she’d drop the “save the world” attitude and get back to her Republican roots.


    2. Let me amend my previous statement. Because I apparently missed part of the post. Hilary certainly has a orchard full of rotten apples, corpses, or what not. But to think she would be willing to stand up to the process, IMO, is crazy. She would throw her mother under the bus if she thought it would get her elected. That’s not standing up that’s getting on her hands and knee’s and paving the road to ruin. She’s a Socialist to the core and nothing will change her. For women’s rights I’m sure she would stand up to the “process” but if it meant losing her power she would flip flop until the very end and make sure she was on the winning side.

      Her actions have spoken louder than her words, especially during the Mid-term elections, and they weren’t very good, IMO. That is what I look at when I vote for leaders of this country.


  3. We need to sit down in IMs sometime and have a chat about the whole feminist thing. Not because I necessarily want to convert you (as I find ideological proselytization as distasteful as religious sort). More than anything, I figure that, given the fact you’ve already expressed some respect for my ability to be logical, etc., that such a conversation might give you an insight into why a logical, rational, intelligent woman would be a lifelong feminist. And why her commitment to feminism would only grow stronger as she aged. More of an opportunity to appreciate each other’s perspectives than a chance for one to convert the other.

    Up for it?


    1. Sure, I’ve talked at length with another one of my friends about the subject. I think what it comes down to is just rhetoric. My gram (the old one who lived through almost everything) never understood the suffrage movement, yet I do consider her a feminist in her own right. To an extent, I am one as well, however, not in the more viewed version of the word – which is why I won’t put a penny towards groups like NOW. I think they corrupt the idea, and overlook the good, worthwhile causes for the ones that will get them attention (e.g. picketing the National golf club). I’m more of an AAUW feminist, if that makes any sense. The thing with this post, is that I don’t understand the need for it to be a month of celebration. I understand breast cancer awareness month, because that’s an issue for everyone, as is aids awareness month. I don’t understand black history month, gay pride month or this Int’l women’s day (which, your blog was the first I had read about it). I don’t get them, in the same way I don’t get the point of Val’s Day. It’s something people should appreciate about themselves every day, I don’t see a point in designating one particular time of the year to flaunt it, because I think it’s a personal thing not a public thing.

      And no, I don’t have issues with the bunnies, as long as they recognize that fact and work to be the best bunny there is. I have issues with the bunnies who try to be lions, then start crying or trying to change the rules when the other lions devour them. 😉


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