Day: March 10, 2007

So, I think I’ve gone at least 2 weeks, maybe closer to a month since I decided to ditch IMs and not hang out on the internet that much. What have I accomplished….well, I’ve been going to bed fairly on time, waking up around 7 now, and being functional by 9.30 and out of the house by 10 at the latest. My mood has been seriously better, even though the lows have been bordering on violent. I’m also half-way through learning my Danish, which was the main reason I ditched things. I’m happy with my progress through that fun stuff, down to the point I’m starting to dream in Danish and German (go fig). The funny parts are when I don’t know the word for something and use the German instead. Least it’s not the French that’s replacing it. But, I will say, that my love of languages is starting to come back, so we’ll see how I’m feeling after my visit to Scana, about adding a 6th language. I do need to get my German and my French back into practice (hear that French Wench? Get working!).

And have I mentioned that I absolutely love my Kundalini class? Oh yeah, and after my friend Chris’ review of 300, I think I need to get back to actual writing and criticism. That was one push behind my latest political posts. Getting the style and formatting back into practice, as well as the critical thinking involved in putting that type of critique into writing.