Day: March 9, 2007

So, today I start the first day of my 2-day fast. I already broke it. 😀 I’ve decided, that due to the nature of my lifestyle, I have to at least eat breakfast. We’ll see if I feel the need to do so tomorrow. It’s the one problem that I’ve found with most fasts I’ve looked at, lack of protien. I can function ok without the carbs and whatnot, but the minute I cut out the protien I end up with muscular issues. So more than likely, I’ll be downing my usual protien shake for lunch. The positive side, is that I’m down to 123.6 today, without clothes. Yesterday I was at 123.4 in the morning and 125 even after dinner. That’s a positive sign, and I’m not feeling too funky with the diet change. The one thing that I am trying to get used to, is not eating to fullness. Been using the smaller plate theory, which has helped. I don’t go back for seconds, and I’ve been eating salads for 2cd lunch. So, pretty much, my schedule goes like this:
8AM- Turkey bacon and one egg for breakfast
11AM- 1/4th a protien bar snack
2PM- Protien shake lunch
4.30PM- Ceasar side salad with light dressing snack
6PM- 1/4th protien bar snack
8-9PM- light dinner with bison/chicken and veggies

For today and tomorrow, we’ll see how I can manage on this liquid stuff. I’m expecting the need for a shake around my normal time.