Oh how I love when the constraints of a free society work the way they were intended. To update from my little rhetorical commentary from yesterday, it seems that the public has gotten some of the message….oddly enough, from places like DailyKos.com:

“One of the best ways to communicate one’s distaste for Coulter’s repeated incidents of hate speech is to respectfully but firmly let her advertisers know you are deeply troubled by their indirect support of bigotry through their advertising on Coulter’s Web site,” the blogger VolvoDrivingLiberal wrote on DailyKos.com on Sunday.

Verizon, Sallie Mae and NetBank said the ads were put on a variety of sites by a third party company. In many cases, advertisers do not know which sites feature their ads. source

As a result, Verizon has made their adjustments and their ads are now no longer placed on her site, and the other 2 are currently working on doing the same. See, this is the way things are supposed to work. Not all these stupid laws, and whatnot. People reacting and using their granted ability to change what they don’t like. No, I’m not a fan of Coulter, but I give her credit for being willing to shove her foot in her mouth to make a point, however convoluted she manages to make that point by not shutting up. But, in the typical trickster style, she stirs shit up, that needs to be stirred. Now only if the other side could find someone with that ability too. Kennedy would be good, if he could actually do it consciously instead of unconsciously. He’s a natural, just needs to put more thought into his efforts.

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