Day: March 28, 2007

Scorpio for this week:

Not to be confused with Alzheimer’s, “Alt.heimer’s” is a term that the Slang Dictionary defines as “a condition afflicting chronic hipsters who can no longer recall if they like something genuinely or ironically. Example: ‘As Ron stared at the hideous leather pants and retro Star Wars sheets he’d just purchased, he realized his Alt.heimer’s was advancing with terrifying speed.'” I bring this up, Scorpio, because you urgently need to determine whether you’re infected with Alt.heimer’s. APRIL FOOL! You don’t have Alt.heimer’s. But it is crucial that you take inventory of what things you genuinely like and what things you merely like ironically.

FreeWill Astrology

Ok, that’s way too over the geek line for me. They actually came up with an alt. definition for this? WTF? Of course, the above is exactly why I tend to not impulse buy. I waste my money on things I actually like and want/need. Passing fads only get bought if they’re under $10, or free. Speaking of passing fads….thegreyman, I need my RSBs CD back, in trade for your pillow. 🙂

Otherwise, this also brings to mind horrid images of someone actually trapped in that time warp. *shudders* I did not need that, but now the rest of you can suffer with me!

In other news, I’m heading back to LA right now, I will post the travel blog here for you anti-myspacers (not that it’s up there either), in one entry. No video so far, but that’s because I’m too lazy to go buy video tapes right now. I will have them for this weekend though.