Day: March 16, 2007

Eating habits and insights…

I don’t know when this started happening, I can’t figure if it’s from working retail and having only an hour or less to scarf down lunch, or the result of having lived with a control freak who decided he controlled when I ate and what I ate. But the fact remains, when I eat, I eat like it’s my last meal for the next 5 days. I scarf down food, and oftentimes too much to the point I’m ill. My ET commented once, while we were out in LA, that I wasn’t enjoying my dinner, which wasn’t true, but it sure looked that way.

At any rate, I went on a juice fast last weekend, to try and get past my 124.5 plateau and it brought home a few things, and let me reset this whole eating thing. I succeeded in getting down to 122, as well as realizing the issue with my stomach irritability after lunch. When I drink shakes for lunch, and eat a salad sometime around 4.30, I don’t have a problem with digestion. Which brings in the other observation. I have no concept of portion size (hey look, I have something else in common with most of America). Granted, I’ve always been big on taking home leftovers from eating out, I’ve never been able to train myself to not have seconds. Being on this diet has made me aware of that, as well as the fact that I eat small dinners, small breakfasts and an even smaller lunch, with a protien bar and a shake in the middle there somewhere, and I have yet to be painfully hungry when it comes to eating. My worst habit is when we eat Indian, I was so proud of myself for my break-fast meal, when we went out for Indian and I took home enough for lunch the next day. On top of that, I’m actually feeling a lot better….with exception to yesterday, but that’s because my schedule caused me to miss a meal/snack. I’m really liking where I’m at, and as much as I hate dropping weight (the fight after this one has a different weight class), I’ll be going back up to 125-130 when I’m done with this. I don’t like not being able to lift weights, which is the other side-benefit to all of this…I’m feeling the desire to be more active, and I’m ready to go out and do things earlier in the morning. Maybe the military would have done me some good earlier in my life, having it fairly structured is really doing me a favour. Now, to just come up with more things I can eat besides and Arby’s salad and an Odwalla Super Protein Shake (don’t always have time to go to Whole Foods for the lunch bar).

I would like to thank whichever deity is playing pet the Freak today. I understand that I’m fun to play with when I’m stressed, and running around like an idiot. But I’m really much nicer and more fun to get into trouble with, when I’m pet often. So thank you very much for having my 2P client cancel, so I can relax and eat this wonderful salad so I can make weight for my fight and kick some girl ass. I will make an extra special sacrificial bundle for my pre-fight ritual.

Oh give me a home, where the drama-free roam. And the Mausers and Rugers can play. Where n’er was there heard a discouraging word, about shooting dumbasses all day.

Thank you, I’ll be here all day.