Scorpio for this week:
FreeWill Astrology

In 1837, Frederick Froebel started the first school for four and five year olds in Germany. He called it “kindergarten,” or child’s garden, and made it into a paradisiacal sanctuary where teachers read kids poetry and stories, led them in singing songs, and oversaw them as they gardened and played outdoors. Government authorities later shut the place down, citing the “dangerous freedom” of the experiment. I expect you may soon run into comparable opposition as you practice your own personal brand of “dangerous freedom,” Scorpio. How should you respond? Do whatever it takes to keep your dream alive, even if it means you have to cool it for a while. Just as the concept of kindergarten eventually revived and thrived, so too must your innovation.

Hrm, I think this might go along with my Darwinian theory….

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