Day: November 20, 2005

Not much has been going on. Been laying low the last couple of days, went out to industrialreich‘s Halo Party last night. nuit23 is awesome in the fact that he could provide me with the net connection to run TUF chat last night. One of these days, I will join in, provided I can use one of the non-vibrating controls – that was pretty freaky. Honestly, I miss my gaming console, I should have snagged one in the separation.

Discussions to make my living in this house tolerable are on-going. I’m going to make an effort to make it hospitable to me. I have a plan in my head on what all I need to do once I get back from Italy, planning on using my break for mind-clearing. Italy was always good for that, several of my past major decisions about my life have been made there, it’s great for mind-clearing. I should be able to come back all ready to hit the ground running.