Day: November 25, 2005

Thanksgiving was good, turkey turned out well and had a good turn-out at the Orphan party. Was happy to see the people I don’t normally get to see lately due to my hermit-like qualities of late, even heard from libidoergosum, which is always wonderful.

Today has been fairly laid back, prepping work-stuff so that at least the major stuff is taken care of before I ship out. Have all the prelim schedules ready to go out tomorrow, and taking care of some small stuff around here before I drag the suitcase down to start packing.

This morning, Maus caught a mouse, and my Scotsman had me take Elan outside to play with it. The little nut ran everywhere but to where the mouse was. Even Maus was looking at her like she was weird. Still pretty funny. I didn’t get a call from my parents yesterday, so I’m not sure what’s up with that. Don’t even know what they did for Thanksgiving this year. Guess it was fairly low key at Gram’s house. Probably a good thing.

Anyway, not much introspection I wish to speak of right now, would like to keep it where it’s at right now. Does make me a bit lonely, but I can’t say I’ve really wanted to speak what’s in my head of late, least not to a general populace. Sometimes, I hate cross-roads, because you have to sit an ponder them for a bit. Hopefully, I will have a clearer head when I return.

And yes, I do hope to be able to post some here while I am over there. Probably won’t get many pictures, but I’ll at least be able to post my travel journal. So feel free to be checking back here for it.