News of the day:

The Mhorrighain is having some fun….dead chipmunk in my workroom this morning, before my eyes stopped being foggy (least it wasn’t in pieces). It’s a sign, of something, I have an idea, but yet again, I won’t be discussing it.

My ray of Sunshine at the hotel gave me ammo, finally. She failed to show up for our meeting this morning, and failed to inform me that she would be taking a week’s vacation. In fact, she said one of her employees had this week off.

Otherwise, I’m doing quite well. Things are slowly shifting back to normal for me, with the exception of a few things. Hopefully, that can be worked out tomorrow. I’ve been bored out of my head for the last couple of weeks. It’s like if I’m not training, I can’t think of anything else to do. If it weren’t for the fact that I’m trying to conserve cash, I’d keep my gym membership just so I can go work out the rest of the day. I need another job, having too much difficulty sitting still and doing work. Maybe I’ll splurge and go rock climbing next week. I do miss that, and my gear needs some exercise. I’m trying to fit in some time for simple house projects, but I decided on that stuff a bit too late. Gonna have to wait till tomorrow to take care of some of that stuff. Gah!

So, anyone local up to start running in Piedmont after I get back from Italy?

Speaking of, I’m a bit nervous about Italy. I know I’ll have fun, just hoping it doesn’t run face first into a brick wall.


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