Day: November 24, 2005

My wonderful male captor (mrpoisongirl) posted something similar on his journal, so here is mine:

I am thankful for:
Still being alive, even though half the time I wish I weren’t.
Being at the point I am right now.
My parents, given all the damage we’ve done to each other, we can still act as family.
My Grove family, they’ve done more to help me than I can begin to describe.
My Scotsman, for reaching out and helping me up to my feet.
My Bitch for hitting me upside the head when I needed it.
Zoomie, for supporting me when I needed it, and loving me through it all.
My Evil Twin, for the unconditional love that she gives me, and allows me to give to her.
My Evil Fraternal Twin, for re-lighting the spark in me that pushed me to live again.
Having the amount of love in my life that I do now.
Friends to share our joys and trials with.
Teammates who are absolutely wonderful and supportive.
The UFC forum for being full of so many cool people that I can call my friend.
My Prog buddies that make one weekend a year absolutely amazing.

All the new people I met this year, you guys are amazing and I didn’t think it possible to have that many amazing people all at once.

What most people don’t realize, is that my friends are my family. All of you who’ve been let into my world are those I consider family. We have no blood ties, but we are of each other’s blood. You are who I am really greatful for, because without you I wouldn’t be able to really share myself and open up. I am extremely greatful that I have gotten to know all of you, and I keep you all in my heart and thoughts at all time. I hope that my presence in your life has given you as much as you have given me. Beocecht!