So I’m back to being on the low end of things. Usually I enjoy talking to my mum, but I shouldn’t have done so before going to class. Needless to say, I got there and wasn’t in the mood to roll, so I came home. If I can’t leave it at the door, then I don’t need to walk through it. Also feeling a bit helpless again. I hate where I’m at, I really do. Not much I can motivate myself to do, other than sit on my ass on my laptop and whimper on the inside. I get up to go work on something, get 2 minutes into it and then just want to destroy it so I don’t have to bother with it. This shit sucks the life out of me, I gotta find a new place to be other than home. I can’t stay here all day anymore, I don’t care if it means projects don’t get done, they won’t really get done anyway. My life is the same boring ass shit every bloody day. There’s nothing new that I can inspire myself with, and pushing along becomes futile when you’re pushing against a brick wall. I need change, I feel stagnant.


      1. Yeah, I gave it a slightly different interpretation, but when put into this context, does have a whole new meaning. Especially as my cooking is what cooked it.


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