So, I impressed WT with my aim today and he got me off a little by letting me get my hands on Val. Prrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. That girl is a lovely piece of rifling. Yeah. Anyway, got most of the stuff packed for tomorrow, WT snagged me a nifty pair of shorts to fight in, so I’m happy. Talked with my dad a bit, he’s going to help me out with my trip to Italy funding. With that said, I think he’s figuring me out, and I believe if there is any genetic wiring for my sexuality, it came from him (well, not the bisexual part, anyway). He was asking me about my Zoomie, and how I’m meeting the people I go to visit and whether or not my Scotsman has issues with it. When I clarified and soothed the nerves, the response was, “That’s good! I hope you can pull it off. Don’t turn down a job to go unless you have a better offer (and not a maybe) for later.” The job part was in reference to the fact I’m going to be talking to some local orthopaedic clinics to see if I can do referral massage for their rehab patients. I figure that will keep me fairly steady, and hopefully I can get a now ‘n then gig with the UFC or some local fight groups. Definitely want to start working with athletes again.


  1. what..

    is Val?

    on a sadder note, because of money hassles i have my beloved AR10T up for sale. match barrel, match trigger. it’s about the only high dollar gun i want to part with; the .500 A-square is part of my go-to-africa-fantasy. i’ve got a couple of others on the block too, a cowboy action winchester, and a boomer-.450 marlin.


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