So, around 2ish, I hear a pop, that coincided with a lightening strike. It was right outside my office window, now, my server is down. But here’s the weird part, the only two computers in the house on the ethernet network that are down are the Macs, the PC is still getting in and out of the network. At first I thought it was a specific line, so I switched cords. PC still connecting outside, iMac is not. Network parameters on the iLamp says that it can get outside the internal network, but actually doing so proves otherwise. Tried restarting the modem, no-go. Macs still not connecting. After several re-starts and trouble-shooting, still no connectivity. Which is really odd, as this started last night with my inability to access the server remotely via the iBook. Scotsman says to check new security protocol, so I download that, still no-go. However, the server could connect to the iBook with no problem.

So this is why you won’t be able to access the playground right now. My apologies, because I have no clue what’s going on. Hopefully, it’ll be back up and running tomorrow, but I’m not betting on it at the moment.

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