I found a new show I like….”Over There” on fox. Though, guess that was a given. At first I was hesitant about watching it, but it’s turning out to be pretty good.


    1. Re: hmmmmm

      It’s got its moments, but I have yet to see concrete proof of it being anti- or pro-war. The writers did a good job of nailing both sides, more the anti-side than the pro-side. I also love blood and guts, and they got it in there. I’m waiting to see where they take it.


  1. Reading Stars and Stripes

    Today and they say that AFN is not going to air it. Something about language and they would have to “extensivly edit it”. I mean cmon. YOUR AUDIENCE IS IN THE DAMN SHOW! Anyways, though you might be interested in that little tidbit.


    1. Re: Reading Stars and Stripes

      I don’t know about the extensive edits, outside of a few threats made by a Sgt and some of the situations. Otherwise, language?!?!?! Fuck! You guys are the worst people I know with foul language (but in a good way). I’ll tape, and we can watch later 🙂


      1. Re: Reading Stars and Stripes

        Fucking right we are! LOL Sounds good, cant wait to see what the hubbub is all about; fucking AFN. Damn I cant wait to get the hell outta this joint. The golden BB is out there somewheres and it time to jam.


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