Fun things in the headlines…

Farrell gets restraining order
The tape is 15 minutes long, I wonder how much of this is motivated by desire to not let his adoring fans know how fast he can shoot, or just how bad of a shot he really is…

Family upset over shooting
Are they upset that they raised an idiot? Seriously, who goes out in the middle of summer, in a city that’s under a high security alert in a heavy winter jacket, gets into a fight with police (who have high powered weapons), runs away, and expects to not be treated with suspicion? No sympathy on my end, I think even the freaks of the world can agree, when you’re in that kind of environment, don’t do anything stupid. And if you’re going to look and act suspicious, don’t run from cops with guns, sit and chat with them and answer their questions, then be on your merry way. Oh yeah, and let’s think about this one…guy who possibly has a concealed bomb – do you shoot him in the torso and run the risk of detonating the bomb, do you shoot him in the leg and give him the chance to detonate the bomb, or do you aim for the head and not give him that chance as well as not running the risk of detonating the bomb by bullet?

Let’s also keep in mind that this guy jumped a turnstile and ran into the Tube, at what point does one wish to ask questions?

AFL-CIO threatens to focus on real issues
Wow, some of them finally decide to quit being a political body and start focusing back on worker’s rights. There must be a god, and he must have a massively big stick. Seriously, I understand the need for unions, to a certain extent, but once they try to play politics they cease being useful.

Guns are evil and a ban will reduce crime *coughbullshitcough*
When will our homegrown anti-gun nuts really look at the statistics in countries where private ownership of guns is illegal and really reflect on how well this policy works (note: look up crime statistics for Kennesaw, GA if you have any questions on how well gun ownership can work).


  1. this stuff:

    1) ROFLMAO

    2)since the english police probably just learned which end of the firearm the bullet comes out of………it was probably accidental shooting.

    3) yup

    4)or..look at the overall drop in violent crime now that the majority of the states have carry laws.


  2. actually…

    it’s a very small percentage of the population that DOES legally carry.

    in the county i reside in, 250 out of 50000 have carry licenses. that is low compared to other states. but other states arent that far off.

    and the numbers dont really grow by much. there is an initial rush to get permits over the first year ot two, then it drops off dramatically.

    even so, carry states violent crime figures drop by around 5-7% overall (according to the lott study). interestingly enough, this matches the overall crime drop for the entire country. draw your own conclusions.


  3. The shooting issue…

    I don’t know many of the details yet (he WAS wearing a heavy coat? Didn’t know that), but I made a quick post about this last week when I heard about it. When I first heard, I thought it was excessive. Then I thought about it more. They really didn’t have any other choice. If someone jumps a turnstile and runs from the cops after being told to stop and submit for searching, ESPECIALLY so soon after TWO SETS OF BOMBINGS, they they should expect to get shot. It’s unfortunate, but the dude was clearly fucking stupid.

    I’m actually glad to hear that 1) he was wearing a heavy coat in July, and 2) he jumped the turnstile after being told to stop. WHY would this make me glad? Because it clarifies the fact that the police were justified in their suspicions. It also means that it’s less likely that me walking quickly through the subway in a suit with my earphones deafening me to the noise of Manhattan is less likely to raise suspicions to the point where I got shot in the head by someone thinking my FutureSonics EM3’s are part of a bomb belt. Of course, I just hope people can SEE the earphones when they try to talk to me. They do kinda blend in with my skin.

    So while I find it sad and unfortunate that someone got shot when he WASN’T a bomber, he did all the wrong things to avoid it, and I can’t really pity the guy. I do wish there were better non-lethal weapons that could bring a potential bomber down without inadvertently setting off a bomb, but methinks this particular guy deserves his Darwin award anyway.



    1. Re: The shooting issue…

      Yeah, the Brit police have a problem, but I was happy to hear, this morning, that they will not be backing down from their shoot-to-kill stance. Hopefully, this will make the law-abiding citizens of their country think about being more co-operative, knowing that the police will only ask questions after the fact.


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