I’ve been on a nice little roller coaster here, today was test in how fast and deep of a drop I could have. I feel completely and utterly empty inside right now. Tempted to flog myself into a pile of tears, least that’s what I’ve been feeling like doing for the last 4 hours. But I was pleasantly surprised to get Unto Fearthuinn min an Saille,

I happened to be in ALa’s Grotto, and saw you leave a muse or two… I
clicked on your name, and found your blog…


I’m one of the old warhorses (USMC 1984-1997) that ALa, Kitty, Alix,
and a few other winsome lasses choose to smile upon, and, from my
viewpoint, they’re the ones who stir things up and make life
interesting. (Kinda like putting the flower down the rifle barrel,
and then blowing it away…)

And, you, dear lady, are interesting!

I have worked hard to make sure that I don’t fall into that “old
fogey” trap, where everything that isn’t “comfortable” is to be
avoided. Good thing, too, because there are some things on your site
that are, shall we say, out of the main stream of thought?

And thank God for it.

So I wanted to tell you, from an old long-fang, that you are doing it
right. A wonderful mixture of eroticism, beauty, philosophy, and
original thought that is refreshing, vibrant, thought provocing, and
delightful to contemplate.

Thanks for the brief glimpse into your world. And thanks for your
support of all things Marine!

(And the pictures were delicious, by the by… *urp*)

Semper Fi,

It brought a huge smile to my face. Thank you Sgt B. You have no idea how much sunshine your words brought into my being today. Almost as good as baking myself on a warm rock in the middle of a river on a sunny day.

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