I’ve finally got the bug up my kiester to play catch-up with what’s being said in the “pagan” world. I wish the self-proclaimed Queens would quit speaking for the general pagan population…

Starhawk opens her mouth, again…

Most of my issues are with her “theology”, or “thealogy” as she likes to call it. First off, my goddess is a war goddess and if you piss her off, she’ll be more than happy to wash your blood-soaked clothes where you can see her. Second, my goddess isn’t the only goddess, there are quite a few gods I talk to from time to time as well. Third, well, we all know my opinion on the war. And with that, let me say that in regards to IWB and other UN organizations like that….well, if you want to go off on them, go off on the UN for being as much of a fuck-up as it is, currently. Yeah, we need to take care of things at home and in countries less fortunate than us, and we do what we can, within the confines that the culture in those countries allow. Honestly, I think the World Bank could give a free ride to all those countries, and it still wouldn’t solve the problems created by dishonest government, gerrymandering and power struggles. Those are my base opinions as a human.

Now, my opinions as a reluctant member of the “pagan” community. I wish she’d shut up on this topic. First off, while I don’t have a concept of evil, I do have a concept of what you don’t do and what deserves retribution in the form of armed conflict. Hell, look to the Celtic Myths to see how many cattle raids started because some woman got her panties in a twist over a bloody cow. You want warrentless wars, try those on for size. I’m not a peace-nik, peace is simply a stop on the railroad of life, it cannot exist as a constant and the boundaries of this world are ever-changing. Even as we walk into a “global” world where boundaries don’t really exist, there will still be some type of grouping, whether it be by culture, ideology, religion or political opinion. Those are the lines that wars will be fought over.

With all that said, I still don’t grasp what point she was trying to reach. It’s like reading Stuart Piggot and his interpretation of celtic religious history, only to reach his epilogue to see him claim that Druids did not exist. Any more holes and she’d have a water strainer.


  1. Hahahahahahaha. Yeah, guess ya gotta have fun somehow, and what other way than to take advantage of post-pubescent men with pregnancy pains and see how many other guys you can get killed in the process….only to watch your cow shred and be shredded by another cow.


  2. She talks of balance and yet she only shows respect to the goddess and not the god as well. If she had a point it was lost in the nonsense that she thought was insight. At least that’s my take on it. My pagan ideals are vastly different from hers I guess…


    1. Same here. I thought she had a point in there, but I couldn’t find it. Sounded more like one of my brain-storming journal entries than a thought out opinion on the state of affairs.


  3. Agree with you. The only reason why I don’t really see “evil” is the fact that good can come out of it and evil can come out of good. So far, the only Reclaimers and Starhawk followers I like, are two people I know personally. Both understand how to use the words “I” and “me” when talking about their pagan opinions, and tend to shy away from “we” and “us”.


  4. Statements saying nothing but “we reject your paradigm” are among the most useless of human endeavors. The fellow on the bus with the napsack full of homebrew torpex won’t have much sympathy. He’s fighting for “the people with power won’t help us” reasons, and attempting to give up power is a betrayal of him and a rejection of everything he’s fighting for as “not worthy”, moreso than honest opposition, which is at least an admission that his complaint worth *something* and someone might listen.


      1. Heh. That’s a distillation of years of back-of-the-mind mulling over, and kind of like trying to read a webpage by looking at the bookmark. (:

        Who was it that said something like “It was hard to write. Why SHOULDN’T it be hard to read?”


  5. well…

    “First off, my goddess is a war goddess and if you piss her off, she’ll be more than happy to wash your blood-soaked clothes where you can see her.”

    guess that narrows THAT down huh? (waggles eyebrows.)

    SH said that we have to look to nature for solutions.

    starhawk is a moron.

    “we do have nature as our teacher, and a set of rough ethics that value life, balance, and interconnection. We feel an immediate, intuitive horror at the taking of life, and at the randomness of this death.”

    mega-events in the real world contradict everything she says.

    it’s my basic stumbling block with ANY all-good fluffykins god or goddess.

    if nature is our teacher, and we feel all this horror about random death, then how are “we” supposed to feel about tsunamis or back to back hurricanes?

    and…what is she trying to say?

    simple hon.

    terrorism is BAD…….BUT (notice the BIG but?)….the oil mad western imperialist male pig dog is the reason the terrorists function.

    now i dont argue this in principle. it’s part of the yin-yang cycle of change, however dont blow incense up my ass by trying to tell me that if we get rid of the latter, we actually will stop the former.

    it’s like those asshole xians that condemn abortion clinic murders, like this…

    bombings are BAD, BUT they ARE killing innocent children there….(pretty much a direct quote that i heard once)



    1. Re: well…

      Exactly, nature has plenty of examples of mindless death and destruction, not just in natural occurances, but even within the animal kingdom!

      I don’t think that getting rid of the oil tycoons is going to do squat, it’s like the whole gun issue – getting rid of the means of propigation isn’t going to make the problem go away, it’s just going to shift it elsewhere.

      As for the killing of children, well, I’m hoping that Starhawk realizes that those extra “hundreds of thousands” of innocent deaths are the result of suiciders who choose to detonate their bombs around children (Michael Yon has several good dispaches on this topic).

      She needs to research her military more thoroughly, IMO. Yeah, innocent deaths happen, but the military uses a great amount of technology to minimize that problem, it just doesn’t happen to be fool-proof.


  6. now, now

    my anamcara told me once that the only reasons to fight, were for land or clan.

    Good livestock meant members of your tribe got to live through the winter; good livestock came from good bulls. So, cattleraids were hardly warrantless 😉


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