So, I went for my morning meeting, Therapist I was to interview never shows up, doesn’t call. Go fig, I love these candidates I’m getting. So, I take care of a few things and head over to the Apple Store to see exactly how dead my 1st gen iPod is. Well, it’ll be $110 for a harddrive installation, that includes parts. Or, I could get 10% off that lovely U2 iPod I’ve had my eye on. The good part, is I can wait on either one, not something I have to get done now, so I can save up for it. I think I’m going for the U2, as much as I love to say I own a 1st Gen iPod, I just don’t think it’s worth it to shell out the cash to replace the harddrive.

Otherwise, got a rush of anger on the train into the city. Seems that my empowerment (Unpretty – TLC) song also brings reminders of past abuse up, and as much as I thought I had dealt with that, apparently I haven’t. So I get to my meeting, having to squash the adrenaline rush. Did pretty good, being there relaxed me a bit till it was time to try and get in touch with DQB (who’s non-communicative, again). Then, I get to the Apple Store and get that news, so I snag a power adapter for my Mini for my car and a new case, then head out, call my Scotsman about the iPod. Yeah, need to stop doing that.

As for keen sense – I have reminded myself of a few choice things that have calmed that down a bit, this is something I need to be Zen about, vs a hyper-sensitive witch. I can’t save the world, and things happen as they happen and sometimes…there’s nothing I can do about it. I need to put that on the first post-it note reminder in my brain. If I don’t have the info, then I shouldn’t worry about it till that info comes in.

Oh yeah, swim suit was on the door stoop when I got home. I like it so much better! The top fits a whole bunch better, even though I have to crawl into it. And the bottom fits (thought it would be too small), even has the little draw-string to keep me from losing them if I get the chance to go diving.


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