Spilling our guts online…

So here is my disclaimer: Everything I place on here, I’m fine with biting my ass in the future. These are my words and I alone am responsible for them. I do not regret anything I have said, about me personally, or others. They are my opinions, feelings, and thoughts in those moments. Those opinions, feelings and thoughts might change over time, but in the moment they were written out, they stand.

Plus, if I live out in the open enough, there aren’t going to be any secrets someone can dig up, if I ever decide to run for office. Deflate the balloon before the hot air blows. šŸ˜€


  1. trippy…

    i was JUST thinking last night (this morning) that my blog is a way of sharing my work without the public speaking freakout-ness of open mic…


  2. Digging In The Dirt

    There’s always going to be *sssooooooomething….* It just depends how far people want to go to split hairs and who really cares and how seriously it can affect things relating to your job.


    1. Re: Digging In The Dirt

      Nah, if someone can manage to dig something out of my past that I haven’t talked about yet, power to them. I’ll still accept it and own it. Honestly, nothing I’ve done thus far is something I’m “ashamed” of enough that I would drop out of a political race for it’s publicity. šŸ™‚


      1. Re: Digging In The Dirt

        Yeah. The way I see it, is that if you are going to do something that you may end up lying about later, as a rule of thumb, just don’t do it. The degree of what we would consider shameful varies greatly for each person. But I agree. I am a relatively open person, and there is really nothing that can be dug up on me. The wacko stuff I have gone through pretty much everyone knows about it. Fuck ’em if they want to hold it against me. I haven’t done anything illegal or morally irresponsible. But there are a lot of people (even whom I know, I am sure) who are hiding things they don’t want to bite them in the ass. The way I see it is, don’t hide it. Eventually people will get bored with it and find something else to split hairs over… I mean look at our last few presidents……


  3. Last time I checked, I believe that this is called FREEDOM…

    We spill out guts online – so what? If people who read it are offended by it, that is their problem. If you get fired, then what is your fault for posting it publicly in the first place (this, I believe is referred to as non-professionalism and should not be done anyway).

    People who generally complain about blogging are those people who don’t like what they read – especially if the blog is about them. Or it could be that they are afraid to voice their opinions and place them in writing.

    Welcome to freedom… šŸ™‚


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