This post has been in my head all weekend. I guess I’m slacking on maintaining the toughgirl crust, but here it goes….

To my parents, even though it took us 19 years to be civil to each other, for giving me the tools inside to be the person I am today.

To Mrs. Brookfield, my 2cd grade teacher, for giving me respect for those who were born less than perfect.

My best friend Angie, who walked with me through my first experience with death.

Doug, the first real love of my life, who’s memory is the only thing that brings real tears.

My brother, for teaching me how to fight for myself, even if half the time I hated the lessons.

David, because now I know I can rebuild myself, and I have the strength inside of me.

_gothfather_, for reminding me that food is meant to be enjoyed, and therefore, I should eat and enjoy it.

moonbird, for reminding me to always keep my chin up.

A naive boy, who came at the right time to show me what I should run from.

sanngetal, my big cat, who showed me what love really is about, and how a relationship should work.

luxpagani, for always being there for me, even when I was making the stupidest mistakes. But letting me learn from them myself.

My Scotsman, montieth, for showing me that I can be and express myself and still be loved fully, for it. And for stretching my reality-based self, and providing for it, while also giving my non-reality-based self room to explore and learn.

marajs, for always being there and being strength when I needed it.

filius_draconi, for being such a bitch at times, when it was needed.

poisongirl and kittenspeaks, for reminding me that, yes indeed, I do still have an inner bitch, and she’s a cool person to hang out with.

mntnlaurel, for being a kindred that I can learn from.

The Marine, for being someone I could respect and look up to, and proving that I can be more than what I already am.

My Evil Twin, for being the most absolutely wonderful woman she is, and I love her for it.

WT, the one who shares the curse of unconditional love with me, and trusts me enough to share his life with me.

My Evil Fraternal Twin, for reminding me that I have to light my own inner fires, and that I’m perfectly capable of doing so, even if he has to facilitate something, or beat me over the head.

My Zoomie, borb, for being the absolutely wonderful man that he is, and his willingness to get lost in me, and allow me to get lost in him.

erynn999, for providing a means to light the path I was on, and showing me where I can go.

My Grove family, I don’t really know what to say here, these people just defy everything.

My Borderpagans family, for being of all extremes, providing fun mental stretches and absolute silliness, even when not needed.

And last but not least….all the people I can call my friend, who aren’t mentioned individually. I keep people in my life for a reason, and not because of some benefit I seem to reap. I keep people in my life because of who they are inside, not what they bring to me. And the fact that they are willing to stay is most definitely something to be thankful for.


  1. who called me wonderfull?

    How can I not get lost in you when there is so much to see? I havent even scratched the surface yet and I am already in love.


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