Day: February 18, 2005

Ok, I’m safely in my non-king sized room, connected via a wire to the net (don’t ask). Anyway, WTF is up with these god-awful tolls up here? Seriously, is there a reason why I need to pay $10.00 to use a Federally funded highway? Not to mention the rudeness I met when I asked if they took credit cards. I got, “No, you don’t have any cash?” To which I reply, “Sorry, I’m from GA, we don’t believe in toll roads that cost this much. And I wasn’t expecting to hit a toll road on my way up, it’s not mentioned until you get to it on the actual road, ain’t on my map.” Of course, the 5 minutes of pissiness was resolved in seeing the “Our Lady of the Highways [insert western version of Catholicism here]. On top of that, I hit BlueBall Avenue on the PA side of the state line, cracked me up. Too bad that didn’t last long. Almost ran out of gas, because this city doesn’t believe in gas stations, but I’m ok now.

Now, for last night….vielen Dank to mrpoisongirl and poisongirl for taking me “out on the town” last night for the oogling of the much hotness that is a former platoon. I’ve found my target, and hopefully the mail I send will result in something back. *eg* I’ve discovered a weakness for strawberry blondes. *sigh*

In other news, I miss my lovers. I keep calling my Scotsman, because I can, wish I could call my Zoomie, but he’s got the weekend off, so I won’t be able to talk to him till Monday. 😛

My meetings went great! I love it. My official title is Director of Scheduling and Therapy Development. How’s that for fancy? I’ll have to do a phone post so you all can hear my “you will show up on time, you will call within the appropriate amount of time should you not be able to make your shift…” It’s great, my Scotsman got a giggle in hearing it on Tuesday and I’m sure my Zoomie will love it, too. Anyway, time to relax now, and finish catching up on LJ.