Day: February 17, 2005

Well, the drive up was pretty good. It felt really odd to have to park at a gas station (in the middle of no-where mind you), with 5 other people to sleep. But I’m here, I swear, last night when I got back from the shoot, I looked like I was strung out on something. My eyes were so bloodshot they hurt. In fact, I fell asleep in the middle of L&O! How bad is that? Thankfully, it’s tivo’d at home and I can watch it then. I haven’t checked my mail yet, guess I should. Shoot went well, it was odd, but it went well and I’m sure I’ve got some good portfolio pics for it. It’s a live ‘n learn process. I miss snuggling up to my Scotsman, and I miss chatting it up with my Zoomie. This is the only ugly part of my travel schedule, but hopefully, the AF will fix their issue and I will be reconnected there by the time I get to my conference.

I think I’ll go back to bed here soon.