Day: February 21, 2005

Now that I have a bit o’ time to talk about it, least for the general original thoughts, nothing in depth – about my “vacation”. Of course, horrid drive up and back down to J’ville, but once up there I can say that nothing is better than being half awake and attending a class on breathwork that succeeds in 3 small orgasms, at 9am. Yeah, TMI, deal with it, I went to bed at 7 this morning, got up an hour ago.

Got to hang out with one of my netfriends last night/this morning. Once we can get past the general “I have no clue how to act around you”, should be cool. It was amusing to watch the roommates and odd visitors that showed up, drunken Navy boys are hilarious. And now that I’ve met a cool Navy boy (besides spy_isis‘s Squid), I guess _gothfather_ is right, I’m now a one-woman USO.

And oh yes, I promise to go through my picture CDs this week and get the numbers on those out. Promise, promise. And eventually, I will have those new galleries up.