Month: January 2005

One thing I hate about the South…there’s a report of an ice storm coming. So they all storm the grocery store like there’s no tomorrow. Thankfully, I needed real stuff, and didn’t feel the need to go searching every grocery store in 50 miles to find bottled water, and I buy fancy bread, so there was plenty of that.

Let’s see, today involved slapping a heating pad on the back of my legs so I can move, will be stretching shortly. Cleaned out my make-up kit, now I need to clean the kit itself, but that will have to wait till tomorrow. Got word on the job, and I’m comfortable with the way things are being handled. (Just realized that I needed to check my voicemail – 11 messages, wow) Anyway, things in life are going quite well. I’m gearing up to visit Aviano around June/July, will be very cool because I can’t wait to visit my Zoomie. And yes, luxpagani has put it quite well, in that I’m a smitten kitten, because I am. I’ve got my boys and they both make me absolutely very happy, one of these days I’ll write it down in separate posts and make the both of them blush with mushiness. God they’re awesome. I love them to death. Can I say that enough? Hrm, don’t think so, but I’ll spare all of you all with sappy girliness that is me, at the moment. Mmmmmmmm, happy thoughts. Yeah, anyway….

Got the rooms set up for Prog, will be much fun and evilness abounds. The Evil Twin and I have decided to make the jump from the Fairfield to the Residence Inn so we can be social (yeah, we’re being followers for once). But of course, how can we truly be evil if we’re separated from everyone else, where we can’t taunt and be evil? Hrm? So, I’ll officially state that I will have the non-stop coffee going in my room, and I will commence organizing the Official ProgPower Corset Day in the next few weeks. Need to get my door sign printed *eg* as I have it designed. Note warning to you nuts who will be there, who also read this….those not getting cinched must wait outside. I’m a D*Con vet, and there will be no over-crowding in my room, period. 🙂

So on the way to the bar tonight, I’m listening to Bush: Deconstructed and on comes the remix of Mouth. Talk about a flood of memories coming back. That song was the soundtrack to my first and only dished out lapdance, to a subject who’s shyness froze him in his chair, with the realization that EVERYONE in our section of the bar area, of a college club, was staring at him. Yeah, that was fun times. Especially with the girlfriend on the dance floor watching me and giving me an equally evil grin back. Man, if she could have easily gotten off the dance floor, I’m sure she would have joined me.

Fun, fun times.

Ok, I have officially been poked and prodded for the year. I have a UTI and I look like I’m about 3 months pregnant, at the moment. I20 through Louisiana sucks, floating insides that are already swollen do not like to be knocked around. My mum, and I, forgot to add painkillers to my travel kit today, so I’m in some serious pain right now. I’m a skinny girl, barely enough room for the organs that are already there, then add to the muscles that don’t want to stretch. PAIN!!!!!!!!!!! God fuck! Can I say that enough? Seriously, if I thought I had a high pain tolerance to begin with, I’m fucked in the future. Not to mention I’m hungry, but it’s making me naseous. I can’t spell or think right now either. FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKK!

So, hearing is all checked out, my left ear is still within normal ranges and my right ear is dealable. Hearing aids are good, they still work.

In other news, my goal of sleeping through the night was choked by a massive back spasm that sent me crawling on the floor to my parents room for the heating pad. I’ve been attached to it since last night. Anyway, the theory is that I have a UTI (which is why I haven’t gotten any sleep), and parents are worried that it’s traveled up to my kidney’s already. Yeah, TMI, but deal with it, don’t care.

On another tangent, I was watching Beyond the Da Vinci Code on the history channel. About half-way through, I call up my Scotsman because they had a snippet of Paul Mercer’s violin focus from one of The Changeling’s albums. Pretty cool, that’s two friends’ bands I’ve recognized on TV in the last 2 months.

And oh yeah, and my amusement for today. While it’s also MLK’s b-day, it’s also General Lee’s b-day as well, and we know that that means in Georgia…..Old Confederate flag flying day. How ironic is that?